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The purpose of the website of ACTS International is to help enrich and enhance the personal and relational life of visitors, and to help deal with the challenging issues and struggles almost everyone faces in life from time to time ... also to help improve the quality of every day life-emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Read helpful articles on: God, love, marriage, hope, forgiveness, prayer, heaven, divorce, life after death, grief recovery, taming anger, where is God , Tips for Better Living, and many more ....

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How to Communicate Effectively

"I've just finished reading I Hate Witnessing and have to say that it is the best thing I've ever read on communicating the gospel."
Pastor Ernie Cox, Ontario, Canada

Real Christianity - The key for opening closed minds

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Words spoken may soon pass away and forgotten be, But when spoken in love and kindness, are like beautiful flowers, and even though they fade and die from conscious memory, their fragrance lives on embedded in the deeper mind – forever.

– Dick Innes  
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When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

Did you hear about the bricklayer who applied for time off work telling his boss: "When I got to the building, I found that the hurricane had knocked off some bricks around the top so I climbed onto the roof and rigged up a beam with a pulley and hoisted a couple of barrels full of bricks to the top of the building. mini arrow Continued

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Start your day— Monday to Friday—with a Daily Encounter inspirational message to reflect on. E-book chapter given with every subscription. Daily Encounter is a daily devotional which has over 200,000 worldwide subscribers that, according to E-Word Today is "One of the Internet's most popular daily devotionals for spiritual help." Click HERE to Subscribe. And Click HERE for samples.

Abortion: One Woman's Experience

Abortion: One Woman's Experience

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Books   by Daily Encounter author, DickInnes

Life Help Books by Dick Innes
, founder/director of ACTS International.

Lorraine from Australia said: "I gave my copy of You an't Fly With a Broken Wing away and want two more ... This is the most helpful Christian book I have read for 30 years." Read more about this book and see also How to Mend a Broken Heart and I Hate Witnessing. mini arrowClick Here

The Balance Wheel for Balanced Living

Balance Wheel for Balanced Living

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