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He Will Hear Me

“Evening and morning and at noon will I pray and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice.1

Have you ever met a child so excited about something that it is all they can talk about to anyone who will listen? A child so persistent that they are hard to say no to. My youngest sister was this child. When there was something she wanted, her excitement over it would grow to the point of persistence. She became insistent in her asking and all day long, her question of “Please, can I have it?” rang in the ears of those around her. And almost every time, she was granted her wish! I’m not sure if her insistence tired my parents and that’s why they gave in to her, but the point is she knew that her constant asking would ultimately yield her a response.

This, however, is the same way we see that King David prayed to the Lord. In Psalm Chapter 55, we find him begging the Lord to listen to his plea. And in verse 17 he tells us how often he would plead: “Evening AND Morning AND at Noon”, in other words all day long! He ends the verse by saying: “And He will hear my voice”. David knew that God would hear his voice; that all his praying, crying, and complaining to the Lord would ultimately be heard and that the Lord would answer according to His will for David.

If we ask the Lord for something once and then don’t ask again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we don’t get an answer. In the New Testament we find a simple reminder to “Pray without ceasing” - implying to be constant (1 Thes. 5:17).  The Lord desires for us to be persistent in our asking because in doing so we are coming to him regularly, and this communication is what he desires from us. As our Heavenly Father, he longs to see His children come to Him, to ask of Him, and to seek His will. Unless we, like a child, become persistent in our asking, we cannot hope to attain an answer from the Lord. Sometimes, regardless of our begging, the Lord may decide that it is not in our best interest and His answer will be ‘No’. But He desires for us to keep coming back to Him. You never know when He will answer those requests you have been praying for.

Suggested Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today seeking your will in my life, asking that you hear my prayer and answer according to your plan for me. There may be times when I wish that you would be quick in your response, but I pray that you allow me to be diligent in my prayer and patient in waiting. Thank you because I know you hear me and are waiting for me to come to you in the evening and in the morning and at noon. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  1. Psalm 55:17.

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