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Day by Day

“A man’s steps are from the Lord; how then can a man understand his way?”1


I took one look at my calendar this morning and immediately felt overwhelmed. Without even starting my day, I was already worried about how I was going to get everything done this week. Full schedules are not an isolated situation. We all have them. We all get overwhelmed by them…some even thrive from them! Fortunately for us, God has each of our steps carefully measured!


“Taking today’s problems one by one, instead of diving into the things in this life that concern us tomorrow, is the best way of avoiding having all the troubles in life collapsing on us at the same time. In 480 B.C. the outmanned army of Sparta’s King Leonidas held off the Persian troops of Xerxes by fighting them one at a time as they came through a narrow mountain pass. Commenting on this strategy, C.H. Spurgeon said, “Suppose Leonidas and his handful of men had gone out into the wide-open plain and attacked the Persians--why, they would have died at once, even though they might have fought like lions.” Spurgeon continued by saying that Christians stand in the narrow pass of today. If they choose to battle every difficulty at once, they’re sure to suffer defeat. But if they trust God and take their troubles one by one, they will find that their strength is sufficient. (Source Unknown)”2


It is impossible to get a week’s worth of activities done in just one day, so there is no use in fretting over it today. When we battle each task one at a time we come out victorious. Taking it one day at a time gives our day (and week) a better perspective; when God takes each of those steps with us it makes the task seem lighter. Invite Him to begin each day with you. He gives us the breath, and the strength, for each new day so rest assured that He will take each step with us, too!


Suggested Prayer: Dear Lord, what a comfort to know that when I become overwhelmed you are there to walk through each moment with me. I take rest knowing that you understand what lies ahead of me and will see me through, step by step and day by day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  1. Proverbs 20:24.



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