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Because of Christmas


he story is told about a family whose father and two sons were soldiers in the Civil War. The father and one of the sons had been killed in battle. The surviving son was the only remaining male in the family so was granted a furlough from his commanding officer to seek a hearing from the President to request an exemption from military service.

When he arrived at the White House, he was told, "You can't see the President. Don't you know there's a war on? He is a very busy man. Now go away, son! Get back out there and fight the Rebels like you're supposed to do."

Discouraged and disheartened the soldier went to a nearby park. While sitting there, he was approached by a young boy who came to him and said, "Soldier, you look very unhappy. What's wrong?"

Soon the soldier found himself sharing his plight with the lad. He told how his father and only brother had been killed in the war and, he, being the only man left in the family, was desperately needed back home to help his mother and sister with their farm.

"Come with me," said the boy as he led the dejected soldier to the White House and entered through a rear door. None of the guards stopped them and even the high ranking officials stood to attention as this boy and the private passed through.

The soldier was amazed. Finally they came to the presidential office and the child, without even knocking, walked right in. There stood President Abraham Lincoln studying battle plans with his Secretary of State. Upon seeing the boy, President Lincoln looked up and said, "What can I do for you, Todd?"

You can't see the President. Don't
you know there's a war on?

The lad replied, "Daddy, this soldier needs to talk to you."

And so the private presented his case to the President and was exempted from military service due to the hardship his family was under.

Have you ever reached a point of frustration where you were faced with a major crisis or a very painful situation and didn't know where to turn for help or direction? You may not have wanted an audience with the President, but would have given just about anything to get a hearing from God.

I certainly have felt that way.

Recently, I was struggling with a major work problem and before going to bed one night in exasperation picked up my bedside telephone and said in a clear voice (hoping nobody in the house would hear me), "God, this is Dick here. I am desperate for some direction. Please help me!"

Well, did God answer and help me?

No, but yes!

No, he didn't answer in an audible voice as I wish he would sometimes. If he did, I probably would fear I was hallucinating. You probably would think the same. But, yes, his answer and help is coming and here's why I am confident it will continue.

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