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The Mu-slim Will to Power Part I

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”1

Mark Early, president of Prison Fellowship, wrote in BreakPoint, “The history of the last fifty [plus] years has richly validated Friedrich Nietzsche’s argument that man's desire to control his own destiny and to impose his will on others is the most basic human motivation. Nietzsche's prophecy that the ‘will to power’ would fill the twentieth-century's vacuum of values has been fulfilled through Hitler, Mao, Stalin, to name only the worst tyrants.”2 To this list could be added the will to power of radical Mu-slims whose aim is to rule and control the world—or a very large part of it—without any qualms whatsoever on how to fulfill this goal.

The German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said, “What experience and history teach is this—that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it;” Churchill paraphrased it by saying, “The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history.” And as another has said, “What we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat.” Tragically, with the ever increasing resurgence of radical I-slam, history is again repeating itself.

Preceding World War II Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England, “fought” for appeasement with Hitler whose life was dominated by his will to power. Chamberlain meant well but he failed because there is no such thing as appeasement with the Hitlers and terrorists of the world. You give in to all their demands or they kill you. We in the West need to wake up and learn from history. To claim that most Mu-slims want peace will not protect or save. Radical Mus-lim’s have a will to ultimate power and will stop at nothing to achieve that power and control.

Reality defies the description that I-slam is a religion of peace. I don’t know who the author of the following article is but it exemplifies the fact that the claim of peaceful, non-radical Mu-slims is irrelevant at this point of time. For example:

“A man whose family was German aristocracy prior to World War II owned a number of large industries and estates. When asked how many German people were true Nazis, the answer he gave can guide our attitude toward fanaticism. ‘Very few people were true Nazis,’ he said, ‘but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had lost control, and the end of our world had come. My family lost everything. I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed my factories.’

“We are told again and again by ‘experts’ and ‘talking heads’ that I-slam is a religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Mu-slims just want to live in peace.

“Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the specter of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of I-slam. The fact is that the fanatics rule I-slam at this moment in history.”

To be continued …

Suggested prayer: “Dear God, please help every Christian never to be ignorant of Satan’s devices and always be cognizant of the fact that Satan’s goal is to deceive and destroy all who believe in You. Help us always to trust in You and so live that people seeing our good works will glorify You,3 and that seeing Jesus in us will want Him in their life as well. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully in Jesus’s name, amen.”

For a comparison grid between what Christians and Mu-slims believe go to:

1. 1  Peter 5:8 (NIV).
2. Mark Earley, BreakPoint, June 7, 2007,
3. See Matthew 5:16.


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