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Celebrate Easter

He [Jesus] was despised and rejected—a man of sorrows, acquainted with bitterest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way when he went by. He was despised, and we did not care. Yet it was our weaknesses he carried; it was our sorrows that weighed him down. And we thought his troubles were a punishment from God for his own sins!"1

We are celebrating Easter ... the time of the year when millions around the world celebrate the death and resurrection of the Savior of the world—the One who was rejected by men ... the One who came from heaven to earth to give his life a ransom for your sins and mine ... the One who is now in Heaven preparing a place for his followers ... the One who is coming again to take us to be with him in glory forever. How can we ever thank God and the Son of God enough for so great salvation? One of my favorite gospel songs written by Keith Green expresses my feelings very well. I trust it will yours too. Let's make this our prayer for today:

    "Oh Lord, You're beautiful,
    Your face is all I seek,
    And when Your eyes are on this child,
    Your grace abounds to me.

    “I wanna take Your Word
    and shine it all around.
    But first help me just to live it, Lord!
    And when I'm doing well.
    Help me to never seek a crown.
    For my reward is giving glory to You.

    “Oh, Lord, You're wonderful,
    Your touch is all I need,
    And when Your hand is on this child,
    Your healing I receive.

    "Oh Lord, please light the fire,
    That once burned bright and clear,
    Replace the lamp of my first love,
    That burned with holy fear.”2

Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus’ name, amen.”

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1. Isaiah 53:3-4 (NLT).
2. Keith Green.


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