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People Power—A Mighty Force

Jesus Christ said, "You are to go into all the world and preach [communicate] the Good News [the gospel] to everyone, everywhere."1

People Power is without question one of the most powerful means to accomplish any cause—either for good or evil. As Richard Halverson pointed out "People Power" is a mighty force.

People have the power to close down any operation—or prosper it! For example, pornography prevails because enough people want it, buy it, watch it, listen to it, and read it. It is extremely profitable because countless people prosper it!

People Power has also prospered the tobacco industry, the liquor industry, the movie industry, the gambling industry, the abortion industry and endless numbers of other products and causes—some of great value, some of little or no value whatsoever, and some that are destructive of individuals, families, and society.

The People Power principle could also work miracles for reaching millions of people around the world with the saving gospel message of Jesus Christ. As God's people we have the power to prosper or hinder the reaching of people worldwide with the gospel. This is why we believe God has led ACTS to commence a people power for Jesus movement. To date 2,441 folk have made a commitment to God (not to me) to be a part of this movement.

I want to invite you to join this People Power for Jesus movement and see how you can help reach people for Christ in an extremely, simple yet attractive way. For more information and to join go to: And for helps in how to be involved go to:

If you truly care about helping to reach the lost for Jesus, being obedient to Christ's command, and having a vital part in what God is doing in the world today, I urge you to prayerfully consider becoming a People Power for Jesus Partner today. With God's blessing untold millions of people worldwide can be reached with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ through People Power.

"When many people each do a little, together we can accomplish great feats for God."

Suggested prayer: "Dear God, because you gave your life to die for me, I surrender my heart and life to you in order to live always for you. Please use me to be 'as Jesus' to every life I touch and use me to help share the gospel in an attractive way with my family, friends and contacts. So help me God. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus' name, amen."

Please join People Power for Jesus today at:

1. Mark 16:15 (TLB) (NLT).


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