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    Thank you God for the pain
    that, like rain,
    when filtered through sunshine
    paints a rainbow
    giving life a touch of beauty,
    while reminding me of your promise
    that you would never again
    destroy mankind through a flood.

    And that I need to remember
    because sometimes
    I feel overwhelmed
    by floods which threaten
    to engulf me and destroy me,
    and leave me sore afraid
    when my cries for help
    seem lost in the storm.

    And then behind me
    where I couldn't see
    I turn and see a rainbow
    adding a touch of beauty to my life
    and then I see even if
    I don't understand
    that as rainbows are painted by
    raindrops so faith, hope, and love
    are somehow all painted by pain.

Dick Innes


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