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Born Again People

One characteristic—among many others—former President Ronald Reagan will be remembered for will be his religious faith. Unashamedly he claimed to be a born-again Christian.

Many other well-known personalities have made similar curious confessions.

Charles Colson, one of former President Nixon's "hatchet men," admitted having had a life-changing experience before going to prison which he spelled out in his popular book, Born Again.

Baseball star Bobby Richardson spent ten years with the Yankees. Five times he won the golden Glove award for excellence in fielding, and played in seven All-Star games and eight World Series.

When retiring in 1966, he stood before teammates and fans honoring him in Yankee Stadium and simply said, "How lucky it has been for me to have been a Yankee. To God be the glory."

Richardson's words weren't mere sentimentality. He has been active in Christian work ever since. And in 1983, while maintaining his other responsibilities, he became the president of the Baseball Chapel Ministry.

At one stage of his career, English pop star Cliff Richard was voted the "World's Number One Male Singer." For over twenty-five years he has held a top place in the transient world of entertainment. His records have sold in the millions.

At the peak of Cliff's career his father died and he was shattered. He said, "For the first time in my career, I felt absolutely empty. On stage it was fine, but afterwards it was a kind of classic anticlimax. Something was missing." It was then that Cliff found inner peace in Christianity through a born-again experience.

Through faith unbelievable
things can happen.

Cliff Richard, of course, is not the only internationally known singer who claims to be a born-again Christian. Johnny Cash, Evie Tornquist, and Pat Boone all say the same. And fifties' rock 'n' roll superstar Little Richard turned preacher and gave up the music that made him famous.

In 1972 South African golfer Gary Player won eight major tournaments and ranked third in the world. The next year, however, disaster struck. Gary became seriously ill and feared he might never play golf again.

It was then that he, too, turned to God for inner strength which helped him to full recovery. Some months later he returned to the golf tour, won the Southern Open in Columbus, Georgia, and the Picadilly World Match Play title in Britain.

Gary says,, "I have learned that through faith in God a person's life can be richer and fuller; and through faith, unbelievable things can and will happen."

For twelve seasons Greg Brezina was a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. Around the National Football league he was known for his aggressiveness. He made the Pro Bowl in 1970 and in 1978 was named the Falcons' Most Valuable Player.

However, off the field his personal life was in trouble. He had no interest in God. He had a drinking problem and he and his wife Connie were close to divorce. But in 1971, prior to a game with the then Los Angeles Rams, Greg made a commitment of his life to Christ. Soon after Connie did the same, and their born-again experience helped them to work together to transform their personal life and marriage.

Australia tennis player Margaret Court has also been born again. Margaret holds 86 major world tennis titles. She has won the Wimbledon title three times, the Forest Hills title six times, the French title five times and the Australian crown eleven times. However, in spite of her fame and success, she confessed to an emptiness and frustration before becoming a Christian.

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