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Joyful Arrival

ďHe will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth.Ē1

Few things cause more excitement than the arrival of a new baby. From the moment the pregnancy is announced, anticipation begins to build, and preparations take flight. The addition of a new little person to the family is a joyous event for everyone, sometimes even strangers join in on the excitement! I was the first in my family to have a baby. My husbandís, and my own, excitement and emotion of being first time parents were elevated by the joy of the first grandchild and the thrill of the first niece or nephew. For the following few months, choices of baby names, color schemes and baby shower planning filled our days.

Mary and Joseph didnít have to worry about picking a name for their new baby; His name had been chosen in Heaven and revealed to the expecting mother by an Angel. But the following months were definitely filled with the excitement of the arrival of the most awaited birth in history! It wasnít just the family who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their newest family member. Jesusí birth had been foretold centuries before and the excitement had been building for much longer than nine months. Rumors of the coming of this baby spread through the countries, and even kings wondered of the arrival of this new, prophesied King. With the building of this excitement came an unexplainable joy that filled the air whenever this babyís name was mentioned.

As we begin this month of December, an unexplainable joy fills the air as we look forward to Christmas Day. Whether weíre shopping for gifts, baking treats, or planning time away with the family, there is a joyous feeling in everything we do. We even become friendlier during this holiday season as we wish strangers a Merry Christmas! The decorations and lights only heighten this feeling of anticipation. The celebration of Jesusí birth is most definitely cause for excitement, and the joyfulness felt throughout the nations upon His arrival two thousand years ago, is still with us today!

Suggested Prayer:

Dear God, I can get caught up in the excitement of the season and become busy with the preparations of the celebration, forgetting that the joy I feel is because we are celebrating your birth. Just as your arrival filled the air with unexplainable joy, I ask that you fill us, this season, with your love so that it radiates to others as it did long ago. In Jesusí most precious name, Amen.

  1. Luke 1:14.

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