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A Starry Night

ďAnd when they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.Ē1

When I was a little girl, my favorite part about long road trips was when it got dark outside of the city. Away from the city lights, I would look out my window, up at the night sky, and admire the twinkling lights on the black canvas up above; a wonder that was always camouflaged by the bright lights of the city. I used to try and find the Big Dipper or Orion's belt, the constellations I was most familiar with. I remember trying to count the stars and I always kept a sharp eye out for "wishing" stars shooting across the vastness of space. This weekend my family took a road trip out of the city, and as night fell upon us, my seven-year-old says, "It's pitch-black outside, I can't see anything!" I was instantly taken back to my stargazing days as I whipped open the sunroof of our car and said, "But look! You can see the stars!"

I can imagine the days leading up to Jesus' birth, as the astronomers of that day studied the night sky. Maybe even sensing an excitement among the celestial bodies; awaiting the appearance of a new star that had been foretold.  And then suddenly they see it! The brightest star ever to light up the Heavens - not just a star, but an announcement- telling the whole world that a King had been born! The brightness of that star must have dimmed every other star that night. How amazing it must have been to witness that celestial event. Even as I write, I canít help but look out my window and search the skies for the brightest star.

Our Lord's birth was announced in the heavens that Christmas night, just as the Lord's second coming will also be announced in the skies above. Let's keep looking to the skies for the announcement that Jesus is coming again! Letís prepare our hearts this season to receive the KING! This time, HE will be the brightest star in the Heavens.


Suggested Prayer:

Dear God, 2000 years ago, the greatest event in History, the birth of your Son, was announced to the world in the form of a bright and shining star. A star whose light guided the way to Jesus. Tonight, as I look up at the sky, I ask that you shine a light in me to guide me to Jesus' feet, so that I might bow before Him and worship the King of Kings. Allow me to keep looking to the sky in preparation for the day that Jesus comes again. In Jesus' Holy Name. Amen.

  1. Matthew 2:10.


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