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The Giving Tree

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.Ē1

The story tells about the relationship between a boy and his apple tree; of how he loved to play among her branches and leaves, and rest in her shade, and eat her apples. The tree was always happy to comply for she loved the boy. As the boy grew, he had different needs and the tree did her best to fill them. When he needed money, he sold her apples, when he needed a house, she gave him her branches, and so it went until there was nothing left of the beautiful tree but a stump. Their friendship, although special, always left the tree wishing that the boy would return and enjoy being in her presence as before. At the end of his life, the boy, now an old man just needed a place to sit and rest, and his old friend, the tree, provided him that comfort. She had given her all to make him happy and live a full life and, in the end, the tree was exactly what the boy needed.2

Our Savior, like this tree, gave his all so that we might live a full and abundant life. We, like the boy, go to Him, stay for a while, take what we need and then stay away until we need Him again. Like the tree, our Savior is willing to continue to fulfill our needs and bring us joy. Our Savior laid down His life for us, but, unlike the tree, our Savior rose again! You see, Jesus desires for you and me to come and sit at his feet and grow in His presence. We have the privilege of returning to Him at any time of the day and night without having any specific need and He is there for us, waiting with open arms to sit and rest. Godís Word teaches us that the ultimate friendship is sacrificial Ė one that lays down his life for his friends. Jesus was that ultimate example. What an honor to be able to have a relationship with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Letís cultivate that friendship today by spending time at the feet of our friend, Jesus.

Suggested Prayer:

Dear Lord, I have taken our friendship for granted. You have been faithful in the big and small moments of my life. You have given and I have taken. I am so grateful for your unending care for me and ask that you give me the desire to seek you daily. Allow me to grow in your presence and find peace in you. In Jesusí name, Amen.

  1. John 15:13.

  2. The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein.

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