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Gentle Protector

“You have given me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand supported me, and your gentleness made me great.”1

Over the years, Pitbulls have gained a reputation of being fierce and dangerous dogs. Many fear the misunderstood breed because of this. Pitbulls, like all dogs, have the ability and instinct to be bold guard dogs and hunters, yet the care received from loving owners has the power to turn them into gentle creatures. As a former pitbull owner, I have witnessed this firsthand.


My overactive preschooler and our pitbull, Shadow, were the best of friends. Shadow was her playmate and protector all in one. One day, as the two were attempting to play Hide and Seek in the front yard, a door-to-door vendor approached our gate. I saw how Shadow’s instincts instantly turned from playmate to protector as the dog quickly placed herself between the gate and my daughter and gave one, loud, warning bark. She was not aggressive in her actions, she simply made sure that her human friend stayed behind her as she waited for me to approach the fence and assure her that all was well; a feat made difficult by my daughter as she kept trying to get around the dog to see who was at the gate. As she moved, so did her bold protector. Shadow did not lower her guard until the stranger was on his way. She then turned to her small friend and with a big, wet kiss, assured her the “danger” had passed.


As I watched the interaction between this powerful, yet gentle, animal and my small child, I was reminded of God’s great power and gentleness toward us. Our Powerful Lord has given us His Salvation as a shield to protect us from the worldly dangers that surround us. We, too, don’t make it easy for Him as we try to maneuver around Him and away from God’s protection. Too many times we are eager to “see” the danger up close, but God is there to gently push us back to safety. When we accept the Lord’s Salvation and we allow God to protect us, His gentle hand guides us and we become great in Him! What an awesome thought it is that our all-Powerful God is also our Gentle Protector!


Suggested Prayer: Dear Lord, you are Great and Mighty, yet Gentle and Loving. We are so undeserving of your mercy and kindness. We are so quick to seek out dangers that will harm us spiritually. I am so thankful for your death on the cross that brought us the salvation that gently but boldly brings me back to the safety of your protection. I love you, Lord! In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  1. Psalm 18:35 (ESV).


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