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Sacrificial Love

ďSo Jacob worked seven years to pay for Rachel. But his love for her was so strong that it seemed to him but a few days.Ē1

Jacob was one of the twin sons born to Isaac and Rebekah. From the beginning Jacob was a deceiver and his motherís favorite son. Together, he and his mother executed a plan to steal his brother Esauís birthright and blessing. Because of his poor choices, Jacob was forced to flee because of his brotherís anger and leave his family behind. During his time with relatives in another land, he met the love of his life, Rachel. Jacob may have been used to things coming easy or having the help of his mother to get what he wanted, but here he was alone and, if he was going to earn the right to marry Rachel, he was going to have to workÖ really hard!

In addition to the physical labor, his future father-in-law deceived him into marrying Leah, who was Rachelís older sister. Instead of working seven years, he ended up serving his father-in-law seven more years in order to have Rachel as his wife as well. Despite his mistakes, Jacob eventually learned the necessary lessons, embraced humility, and made peace with his brother. Because of his repentance, he was blessed by God.

Like Jacob, we too have made mistakes. Our sin had separated us from God, and the penalty was too high for us to pay. Jacob was willing to work for Rachel out of love, but Godís love for us is incomparable! He saw us with love and mercy and sent Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. It was because of this that we can now be reconciled to God and have a personal relationship with Him. Out of love for our Savior, we must also willingly suffer for Christís sake. This suffering looks different for all of us, but we know that if we are faithful and endure, we will reach the final prize when we see Jesus face to face one day.

Suggested prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me so much that you sacrificed your life in order to save me. Help my love for you be so great that I, too, may willingly sacrifice what you ask of me to further your Kingdom. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesusí name, amen.    


1.    Genesis 29:20 (NLT).


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