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No Filter

I will fervently thank the Lord with my mouth; I will praise him in the presence of many.1


Have you ever met a person who, quite literally, speaks everything they are thinking? Whether it be positive or negative, these people have no filter! Throughout this Lenten season, while reading through the Psalms, I have noticed that David was one of these “no filter” types. His Psalms lift praise to the Lord with an array of exaltations; his poetry is truly an inspiration for our own prayers. On his good days, the words of David’s psalms have the power to bring us to our knees, lift our hands and worship the Almighty right along with him —but then, there are his bad days. I would not have wanted to be among David’s enemies! Just as he used his words to glorify the Lord, he used them to curse his enemies. He prayed, in detail, for the revenge he wished upon those who had wronged him. I remember being taught to pray for our enemies, but Psalm 109 takes that to the next level. It is unclear who had wronged him, but here we find David begging God to punish this person by letting “his children be fatherless and his wife a widow” (V.9), allowing those children to become beggars (v.10) and that no one would show kindness to them (v.12). He even wants to punish this person’s parents (v.14)! In verse 20 he says: “Let this be the Lord’s payment to my accusers, to those who speak evil against me.” The next verse, though, made me laugh: “But you, Lord, my Lord, deal kindly with me for your name’s sake; because your faithful love is good, rescue me.” Lord, punish them for what they did to me, but be good to me? This wasn’t what I was taught at all! I thought we weren’t supposed to wish evil on our enemies. But, as I read through these Psalms again, I realize there is a deeper lesson to be learned here; God desires our transparency. God desires for us to be specific with our prayer; “to come boldly before Him” (Heb. 4:16) and, like a child, tell Him everything that we are feeling, good and bad. What a beautiful thought!


That a God, so powerful and so mighty, would allow me to come to Him and just be completely vulnerable and tell Him ALL my feelings without being judged, only loved, and forgiven. David had it right! His lack of filter with the Lord allowed him to have a pure and open relationship with his Heavenly Father. Don’t you feel like praying right now?


Suggested Prayer: Most Loving Father, I’ve always known that you know my heart; that nothing is hidden from you. But to be able to speak aloud, all that is in my heart is a literal weight being lifted from me. I desire a pure and open relationship with you and so, I come to you right now…with no filter…In Jesus’ name, Amen.


1.    Psalm 109:30 (CSB).

Today’s Encounter was written by: Veronica B.

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