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Believe It!

Jesus said, “Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.”1


He is Risen! (He is Risen, indeed!)


Reflecting on the events of the last few days, (2000 years ago) it is only with a humble heart that we can face today. Within a matter of three days, life, as they knew it then, was changed forever. Throughout Scripture, atonement for sins was made through the sacrifice of a spotless lamb. Its spilled blood granted the forgiveness of transgressions. But then, Jesus came! He came to be the ultimate sacrifice. His blood was spilled as the ultimate atonement for our sins and only through Him are we now granted forgiveness! His death on the cross changed the way mankind was able to come to the Father, and His resurrection? Well, that changed everything! The event that had been prophesied long before to many was just a fabled story; It couldn’t really happen, could it? But then, it did happen —and what a Glorious Day that was and continues to be today!


On that Sunday morning, two women, followers of Jesus, were the first to witness this miraculous event. (Matt. 28:5-10) Jesus told them ‘Not to be afraid’ and to ‘go and tell others!’ Having been in the presence of the Lord, the women went joyfully! This is exactly what Jesus is telling us to do still today—Go and tell others! Take the experience you’ve had of knowing Jesus, of being in His presence, and proclaim it to all who will hear! Many will not want to hear it, and many will not believe. Even the disciples who had walked with Jesus in the flesh and had heard directly from his mouth that He would rise again, were filled with uncertainty and doubt. (Mark 16:11) When Jesus finally came to them, they were overjoyed, and He forgave their unbelief just as He has promised to forgive the unbelief of any who will come to Him. To that one who still doubted he said, “Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.”


This Easter season doesn’t end with Easter Sunday, it is only the beginning! Today we are challenged to go and share with others the joy you felt this weekend as you celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus; and to continue to spread that Good News every day, all year long! Ask Jesus to allow you to be His hands and feet so that others will believe because they see Jesus in you.


Suggested Prayer: Dear Father God, you sent your only Son to die a cruel death so that I could have forgiveness. He shed His own precious blood so that I could have eternal life in Heaven with you one day. How ungrateful would I be if I didn’t share your sacrifice with others. The whole world should know of your love and have the opportunity to be filled with the joy that comes from knowing you! In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.


1.    John 20:29 (CSB).    


Today’s Encounter was written by: Veronica B.

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