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The True Rock

For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God?1


In this day and age, when life runs extremely fast and our days get so filled and busy, it is common to hear people say how tired and stressed out they are. Others complain that they have no time to rest or relax. Over the last few decades, burning candles or incense has become a popular method of aromatherapy that creates a calming environment. Recently, in a gift shop, there was a display of colorful crystals and meditation stones surrounding a calming water fountain. The advertisement read “Bring Balance to Your Life and Mind with the Powerful, Healing Energy of Crystals”. The crystals claiming to relieve stress and anxiety seemed to be the most popular. The rocks are truly beautiful, and even mesmerizing, as their prismatic colors catch the light. But those who are seeking true healing powers from these crystals are looking to the wrong “rock”!


In Psalm 62, David says that he has found his rest in God and goes on to call Him his Rock, Salvation, and Fortress. David had found the true healing power in God the Solid Rock; the only Rock that could bring relief from stress and anxiety. God has the power to give us rest and healing from anything ailing us today! Too many people are putting their faith in objects that will only bring them temporary healing. Placing crystals around your home or wearing them around your neck will surely look lovely but they will not bring you the rest you are seeking. They become idols—dead objects that people turn to for help. Don’t let Satan fool you into thinking that those things can heal you. When you seek rest and relief, help or strength, it should be crystal clear that Jesus is the only Rock with the power to heal your soul and your mind!


Suggested Prayer: Dear God, what a relief it is to me that I can come to you whenever I am in need of rest and find it in you! You are the Rock upon which I place my faith, and nothing can replace you. I lay all of my anxiety and stress at your feet today and exchange it for peace in your presence. In Jesus’ Holy name. Amen.


1.    2 Samuel 22:32.


Today’s Encounter was written by: Veronica B.

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