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Let God Be God

"In the beginning God."1

In response to the Daily Encounters on "Do Good People Go to Heaven?" I received many responses. Most were positive and as expected, some disagreeable. On the positive side, in those two days we received 90 salvation responses. On the negative side, we lost a bunch of subscribers, which always happens when I write on "touchy topics" as I like to call them. However, what was most disconcerting was those who claimed that because God was a God of love all good people will go to heaven.

What is alarming is not that people disagreed with me, for my word isn't of any more value than anybody else's. Disagreement is a good thing and helps keep me on my toes. The problem is when people disagree with what God has clearly said in his Word and what Jesus, the Son of God, said when he was here on earth. What I have to say is of little consequence but what God has to say is of ultimate and eternal consequence.

Herein lies the danger of disagreeing with God. When we do this, we put ourselves above the God of all creation and make ourselves the judge of God as to whether he is telling the truth or not. When we claim that what God has said is not the truth we are implying that God is a liar. And who are we to judge God, the Creator of you and me and the entire universe?

I may not understand why God says what he says or does what he does. That is acceptable, but to put myself above God and become the judge of him is, in essence, making myself god. Instead of God having the ultimate voice of authority, I usurp his position and make myself the ultimate voice of authority. That's about the equivalent of an ant telling a man that it knows better than the man—and even this is a hopelessly inadequate comparison. To put myself and my word above God and his word is the ultimate in pride, self-delusion, and absurdity.

What is even more alarming is that putting myself above God is the essence of sin. When man was tested in the Garden of Eden (whether this is literal or symbolic is beside the point in this context), God told man one thing. Satan came along and told him the opposite. Man then made himself the judge of who was correct. In doing so he elevated himself above God and made himself the judge of God. The tragic consequence was that man chose to disregard God's directive and go his own way. This is how sin entered the human race and is the very nature of sin. What many don't understand is that sin is rebelling against God and his directives and in essence making ourselves god. Acts of sin are the outcome. To put it another way, we are not sinners because we sin but rather, we sin because we are sinners.

The only sensible and safe way to go is to let God be God and adhere to his directives. To do otherwise is not only the sin of pride (I know better than God) but the pathway to ultimate disaster and eternal damnation in hell which is eternal separation from God and all loving life.

Remember, "In the beginning God." He will also have the final word in the end. Years ago Nietzsche said, "God is dead." Today God says, "Nietzsche is dead."

Suggested prayer: "Dear God, please deliver me from the sin of pride and making myself the ultimate voice of authority, and always lead me on the path of truth—your truth as found in your Word, the Bible. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus' name, amen."

1. Genesis 1:1.


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