The People God Uses

Whenever God has a job to be done, He chooses a person through whom to do His work. As God called Ezekiel to ‘stand in the gap,’ He has always looked for available people to fill many gaps and areas of need. Think of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Sarah, Hannah, Esther, Mary, Peter, Paul and more....

Like a doctor’s scalpel, people are instruments in God’s hands—the sharper the instrument, the more effective the job God can do with that instrument. While God does His work through people, it is still our responsibility to keep the instrument sharp. This is why we need to constantly sharpen our skills, upgrade our training, and continue to grow as loving persons if we are going to do God’s work effectively, and communicate His message in our highly sophisticated and technical age.

Following is how these God-called leaders of old stood in the gap.

Ezekiel stood in the gap to proclaim God’s message through the spoken and written word. He had communication skills and because he was available, God used him.

God is still looking for
people to stand in the gap.

Among other tasks, Elijah stood in the gap to pray. As James said, “Elijah was as completely human as we are, and yet when he prayed earnestly that no raid would fall, it didn’t rain for the next three-and-a-half years! Then he prayed again; this time, that it would rain, and down it poured.”

Aaron and Hur stood in the gap to help Moses. When Moses was tired from interceding with God, Aaron and Hur supported him by holding his hands up. While they did this, God gave these ancient “Israelites” the victory over their enemies who were seeking to destroy them.
Andrew stood in the gap to introduce people to Jesus. He brought the boy with the two loaves and fish to Jesus. He was the one who introduced Peter to Jesus.

This was his special gift and he used it well.

Today, God is still looking for people through whom He can do His work. We may not all have a gift for preaching, writing or teaching, but we can all pray, and we can all help in “holding up the hands” of our leaders to support and encourage them. Furthermore, in our own way we can each share and express our Christian faith whether it is through a kind word, a helping hand, or a practical expression of love. And we can all give a little of what God has given to us to support God’s work wherever it is happening.

What is important to God is not our gifts, but our availability. If we make ourselves available to God, He will use us!

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