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ACTS Seminars and Workshops

Conducted by Terry George
Director, ACTS International (Australia)


Personal Growth:
Building Better Relationships: A six-hour seminar covering the following: Family of Origin; Development Process; Relationships; ABC of Emotions; Communications; Co-dependency; Symptoms of Denial.

Journey to Health and Wholeness: A six-hour seminar covering the following: Boundaries; Emotional Tanks; Anger and Forgiveness; The Path to Healing; The Healing Process; Barriers We Build; Journey to Wholeness; Programming, Deprogramming, Reprogramming; Path to Freedom.

Church Growth:
Church Growth/Outreach: Management; Leadership; What's the difference?; Church Life; Effective Communication; Life Cycle of a Church; God's Purpose of the Church; Adoption Curve of change.

Share/Support Groups:

Provide a safe place for people to share and grow together towards healing and wholeness.
Teach and train others how to start share/support groups.

Recovery Retreat:

For those who desire to go further in their healing process.
A five-day live-in workshop to further your journey to emotional and spiritual freedom, wholeness and love.

For Details

or write to:

Terry George, Director
ACTS International
PO Box 88
Kent Town
Adelaide, SA 5071

Phone: 08-8336-8866 (within Australia)
61-8-8336-8866 (from overseas)
Fax: 08-8336-8877 (within Australia)
61-8-8336-8877 (from overseas)

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