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ACTS International (Australia) is here to help you through the struggles we all face in life.

Read helpful articles on God, love, marriage, hope, forgiveness, prayer, heaven, divorce, life after death, grief recovery, taming anger, where is God, and many more.... And Click HERE to see the ministries ACTS offer to help churches, groups, chaplains, and individuals to effectively communicate the Christian message.


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To know God without having to be religious

Marriage and


This Week's Weekend Encounter

Weekend Encounter is a weekend e-mail service that comes without charge. It's purpose is to bring brief, easy-to-read articles on tips for better living, life helps, quotable quotes, a touch of humor, and much more.

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Know God - Passport for Heaven Free: Passport for Heaven ... don't leave earth without it.

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Daily Encounter is a weekday Email Devotional which, according to E-Word Today is "One of the Internet's most popular weekday devotionals." It is written for all who would appreciate a motivational moment for every weekday of the year. Daily Encounter has 226,000+ worldwide subscribers.


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