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Putting ACTS International Articles
on Your Web Site Without Charge

CLICK HERE for how to give dynamic impact to your web site to effectively communicate the gospel and Christian message.

PUT CONTENT on your Web Site that will change every day ... WITHOUT CHARGE ... See below:

What's Available:

  • ACTS Daily Encounter — is a weekday email devotional service that comes without charge and provides a brief word of inspiration and food for thought. Written for anybody who would appreciate a motivational moment for every weekday of the year. Articles are brief, practical, and apply the Christian message to the everyday issues of life. According to E-Word Today, Daily Encounter is "one of the Internet's most popular weekday devotionals."
  • ACTS Articles — Timely articles that change every day, or choose your favorite to display continually on your site.
  • ACTS Gospel Message — Share ACTS' main gospel message, "How to Be Sure You’re a Real Christian," with every visitor to your Web site. Over 34,000 people have recorded a salvation and/or a re-commitment to Jesus Christ response as a result of reading this gospel message online. You can customize it so people can respond to you directly when recording a salvation response.
  • ACTS Weekend Encounter — is also a free weekend email service. Its purpose is to bring brief, easy-to-read articles on tips for better living, quotable quotes, inspirational thoughts, some lighter material, humor, and helps for building better relationships. It is also being effective as a low key evangelism/outreach tool.

How to Get It
Fill out the form below. Your request will be reviewed by ACTS staff. Once approved you will receive full instructions about how to add ACTS articles to your site.

Please note: Unless you have an active website and include your URL (web address) we cannot process your request.

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