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How to Be Sure You're a Real  Christian
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Marvels of Creation

"How to Be Sure You're a Real Christian" website is to help the visitor find with certainty how to receive God's forgiveness for all his/her sins, and receive God's guarantee of eternal life with Him forever in Heaven after life on earth is ended—without ever having to be religious.

The reality is that God isn't into religion or external morality. He's into relationships and inspirational living. He wants us not only to have a right relationship with Him, but also with each other and with ourselves. Click on Site Map for details.

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How to Be Sure You're a Real Christian Without Having to Be Religious


Dingaling aling goes the alarm clock


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Test Your Level of Stress

In a now-famous American study, Dr. Thomas H. Holmes and Dr. Richard H. Rahe created a do-it-yourself stress test. They examined the stress—measured the Life Changes (LCU)—that induced by experiences ranging from the death of a spouse to getting a traffic ticket. By adding the LCUs values of the past year, you can predict the likelihood of stress related illness or accident.

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See the Balance Wheel for Balanced Living


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Passport for Heaven ... Whatever you do, don't leave earth without it.


Marvels of Creation

Imagine, if you can, living in a world without birds, animals, flowers, grass, trees, mountains, rivers, oceans and blue skies! How desolate such a place would be....

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