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Under Construction

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”1

Here in southern California, it seems like our roads are always under construction. I travel through a two-lane highway about twice a week and there is an area about a mile long where I can be sure I will get traffic due to one lane flagging closures. Sometimes it takes me 30-45 minutes just to travel that one mile! In the beginning, it used to frustrate me, however, recently I have started seeing it as part of my commute. I plan for it, put on some good worship music, and take it slow. I even enjoy seeing the progress the construction team is making!

This got me thinking about our lives because we, too, are “under construction”. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we begin the lifelong process of spiritual growth. God gives us His Holy Spirit that works in us to renew our thinking (Romans 12:2), and to develop qualities in us that are more and more like Jesus (Colossians 3:5-14). And as with any construction work, it takes time. It is not going to be something that happens overnight. We may find ourselves growing frustrated or impatient with the process, but when we choose to submit to God’s will, we can be sure some important transformation is happening in our lives, even if we can’t see it at the moment.

The next time you find yourself trying to rush through the construction zone of life, I encourage you to take a deep breath, put on some good worship music, and learn to enjoy the progress you are making. The struggles and the joys we experience are all part of our “commute” through this earthly life. The work in us won’t be complete until Jesus Christ returns, so let’s make the most of each moment we have and cooperate with our growth journey as we travel heavenward.

Suggested prayer: Dear God, thank you that you are not done working in me yet. Help me submit to you and the construction you are doing in my life. Allow me to learn to see the progress and enjoy the ride, knowing that every circumstance you allow in this life is preparing me for eternity. I look forward to the day I can see the finished work and celebrate with you in Heaven. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  1. Philippians 1:6 (NLT).

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