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Success and Failure
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The Joy of Being Thankful
You, too, Can Be a Winner
When Things Go Wrong
Turning Pain Into Gain
Unsung Songs
To Reach a Goal
New Horizons
Lessons from Birds
Failure: Never Forever
Motivating Teens Toward Greatness
Balanced Living
Conquering Fear
When You've Had a Bad Day
Motivational Moments
The Power of Belief
Winning Over Worry
The Search for Happiness
Beware of the Barrenness of a too Busy Life
Daily Encounter Articles About Success and Failure
A 'Yes' Face
A Chance to Change the World
A Father, A Son, and a Donkey
A Generous Life
A Lesson From Ben Hur
A Praying Father
A Sermon Walking
A Sermon Walking
A True Winner
A View from the Heart
Accepting the Challenge
According to His/Her Ability
According to Your Faith
Achieving Good Success
Aching Arms
ACTS "Andrew Club"
All I Need to Know
All Things Are New
Amazing Grace
An Example of Wisdom: Abigail
An Interesting Funeral
Appreciating Discipline
Are We at the Finish Line Yet?
As You Think
As You Think So Are You
Attitude of Gratitude
Bad Apples
Barking Dogs and Sleeping Lions
Be Humble before God: Miriam
Be on Your Guard
Be Responsible—Do Right
Be Strong and Courageous
Beautiful Feet
Being a Positive Realist
Being Nice or Being Christian?
Being Successful
Being Vs. Doing - Witnessing
Beware of Acclimation!
Beware of the Barrenness of a Busy Life
Blessed Are the Plodders
Born to Fly
Brave Hearts
Carpe Diem—Seize the Day
Changing Needs for Changing Times
Character Counts
Character Counts
Character Counts - Part I
Character Counts - Part II
Cheaters Never Win
Choosing to Trust
Coaching the Witness
Coca-Cola's Worldwide Vision
Cognitive Dissonance
Compassion and Kindness
Creative Adversity
Creative Adversity
Creative Boredom
Creative Imagination
Creative Questioning
Creative Solutions
Creativity in the Mature Years
Criticize by Creating
Dare to Be Honest
Did I Make a Difference—Did You?
Disappointment His Appointment
Discovering Your Life-Purpose
Diverted by Lesser Things
Do It Now
Do It Today
Do It Today
Do Your Best
Dogged Persistence
Doing the Best with What You Have
Don't Give Up
Don't Let Your Past Determine Your Future
Don't Tell Me... Show Me
Don’t Just Listen… Do It!
Don’t Quit
Effective Leadership
Encouraging One Another
Enjoy Life
Enjoy the Present
Enrich Your Personal Life - Part I
Enrich Your Personal Life - Part II
Enrich Your Personal Life - Part III
Ethics for Today
Failure Is Never Final
Failure Is Never Final
Failure Is Never Final
Failure Is Never Final
Failure Is Only An Event
Failure: Never Final
Failure: The Back Door to Success
Faithful in the Little Things
Flack Attacks
Fly With the Eagles
Fly With the Eagles
Follow Your Dream
Freedom and Responsibility
Freedom and Responsibility
From What We Are to What We Can Become
Fruit Bearing Trees
Getting God's Guidance
Getting It Right When Things Go Wrong - Part I
Getting It Right When Things Go Wrong - Part II
Getting It Right When Things Go Wrong - Part III
Getting Rid of the Gunk
Give and Grow Rich
Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
Give Me a Thankful Heart
Givers, Takers and Keepers
Giving Your Best
God "Speaks"
God Gives More Than Requested
God is There
God is Watching
God of the Minority
God of the Ordinary
God of the Ordinary
God Uses F-A-T People
God's Time Is Now
Going out on a Limb
Good News: I'm Fired
Great Fiddling
Growing Strong in the Broken Places
Guard Your Heart
Happiness and a Fulfilling Life
He's Not Heavy—He's My Brother
His Opportunity to Change the World
Honesty: Still the Best Policy
Hope and Endurance
House on the Rock
How to Please God
How You Can Be an Effective Witness? Part V
How's Your Self-Worth?
Hurry Hinders
I Hate Witnessing, Part I
I Don't Do Ceilings
I Hate Baloney
I Hate Witnessing, Part II
I Hit Him over the Head
I Just Want You to Be Happy
If the Horse Is Dead, Dismount
Impossible to Resist the Light
In the Stands or on the Field
Inch by Inch...
Insignificant Goals
Insignificant Goals
Is Tithing Still Valid Today?
Is Your Light On?
It Can Be Done
Joyful Boundaries
Just Taking Up Space
Keep on Growing
Keep Sowing Your Seed
Keeping on Target
Keeping the Faith
Keeping Your Promise
Know. Understand. Do.
Knowing Your Gifts
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Leading By Example
Leading by Serving
Leading by Serving
Learning from Eagles
Learning How to Live
Leaving the past behind for grace in the present
Leonardo De Vinci's Cup
Lessons From Geese: A Reminder
Lessons from Tiny Creatures
Lest I Make a Mistake
Lest We Forget
Let Freedom Ring
Let Your Light Shine
Letting Go to Find
Life Has an Expiration Date
Life Investment
Life Is a Gift
Life Is Not a Game
Life Purpose
Life With a Purpose
Life's Challenges
Life's Disappointments
Listen to the Music for Christmas
Listen to Your Heart
Listen to Your Heart
Little Things
Living in Harmony with God's Will
Living in Harmony with Your "Bumper Sticker"
Living Joyfully
Living With Purpose
Look to the Coach
Make Today a Good Day
Making Each Day Count
Making Use of What You Have
Making Your Life Count
Mindset Matters
Money: Servant or Master?
More About Ethics
More Successful Failures
Mother Knows Best
Never Give Up
Never Too Old
Never too Old
Never too Old
Never Too Old ... Part I
Never too Old ... Part II
Nike! Nike! Victory! Victory!
No Defeat Before the Battle
No Fear—No Kidding
No Pain, No Gain
No to the Ten Suggestions
Non-sporting Sports
Not What We Say
Notable Successful Failures
Nothing But the Truth
Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes
Ob Portu
Obstacle Illusions
Obstacle Lessons
On Barking Dogs and Sleeping Lions
On Being a Positive Realist
On Ducks and Eagles
One Step at a Time
Oportunity Comes to Pass ...
Opportunity Lost
Out of the Shadows
Perception Vs Reality
Perseverance Pays
Persistence Pays
Persistence Pays
Persistence Pays
Perspective and Persistence
Practice Makes Progress
Pressing Toward the Goal
Pressing Toward the Goal
Projection, Witnessing Part IV
Promises, Promises, Promises
Put Your Chin Up and Fight
Quality of Life
Ready to Give a Defense
Resolution or Repetition
Responsibility = Response Ability
Rising Above Discouragement
Rising Above Discouragement
Running the Race
Saying the Same Thing Differently
Secret of Success
Seeds of Faith
Seeking God's Wisdom
Seize the Day
Servant Authority
Show Me – Don't Tell Me
Show Me--Don't Tell Me
Show Me—Don’t Tell Me
Sidetracked but Not Hindered
Significant Growth
Slow Me Down, Lord
Soar like an Eagle
Soar with the Eagles
Solo Deo Gloria
Sometimes Dads Win
Songs Never Sung
Stand Up and Be Counted
Starting the Year with New Labels
Stepping Stones to Success
Still the Best Policy
Strength in Numbers
Strength out of Weakness
Strength out of Weakness
Strength out of Weakness
Strike Three and You're IN!
Strike Three and You’re In
Succeeding With Humility
Success vs. Significance
Successful Failure
Successful Failures
Successful Failures
Successful Living
Successful Living
Taking Risks
That Is His Way
The "Yes-but" Disease
The Answer Is In Your Hands
The Beautiful Ugly Duckling
The Beauty and Meaning of Life
The Beauty of Unity
The Caddy
The Cracked Pot
The Critical Path
The Fruit of Discipline
The Gift of Encouragement
The Impact of the Spoken Word
The Importance of Appreciation
The Measure of a Man
The Measure of a Man
The Most Powerful Weapon
The Music of Your Life
The Necessity of Obeying God
The Parable of Brother Leo
The Person God Uses
The Positive Side of Negative Experiences
The Positive Side of No
The Power of a Creed
The Power of Applause
The Power of Attitude
The Power of Belief
The Power of Courage
The Power of Influence
The Power of Little Things
The Power of One
The Power of One
The Power of One
The Power of Stickability
The Power of Thanksgiving
The Power of Unity
The Power of Vision
The Precious Stone
The Purpose of Life
The Race
The Race
The Right Word
The Search for Happiness
The Search for Significance
The Secret of Happiness
The Sheep With a Broken leg
The Thief Who Was Robbed
The Winning Team
Things That Bug Me
Thinking Makes It So
Thorns of Purpose
Three Great Abilities
Three Kinds of People
Three Kinds of People
Three-Legged Stool
Tips for Better Living
Tips for Leaders
To Be a Man—A Message to My Sons
To Be or Not to Be
To Change or Not to Change
To Know and Not to Do
To Quit or Not to Quit
Too Ugly to Be Beautiful
True Riches
True Success
Try as You Might
Turning Stress Into Success Part I
Turning Stress Into Success Part II
Two Great Abilities
Under Construction
Unimagined Beauty
Unsung Songs
Urgent National Need
Urgent National Need
Use It or Lose It
Use It or Lose It
Using our Success for God’s Glory: Lydia
Using the Gifts God has Given Us
Victory Over Discouragement
Walking on Water
Weight Watchers
Well Done
What Is That in Your Hand?
What on Earth Are You Doing for God?
What Will Matter
What You See Is What You Get
What You See Is. . .
What You Think—You Are
What's Your Purpose in Life?
What's Your Purpose in Life?
What’s Your Problem?
When I Am a Rich Man
When Success Leads to Failure
Who Are You Working For?
Who is in Your Corner?
Who You Are
Wilberforce: The Great Parliamentarian Reformer
Will I Make a Difference?
Winners vs Losers
Winners Vs. Losers
Winning Losers
Winning with Dignity and Honor
Wise Men Still Seek Him
With Enthusiasm
Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom
Working Together
You Are Important
You are Important
You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don’t Want
You, too, Can Get Bigger
You, too, Can Make a Difference
Your Life Purpose
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