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Using the Gifts God has Given Us

ďThe woman gave birth to a boy and named him Samson. He grew and the Lord blessed him.Ē1


   Before there were kings in Israel, the Lord used judges to guide His people. Among these judges of Israel, we find Samson. We donít know much of the way that Samson judged the Israelites, rather the stories we know of Samson are related to his physical strength; the special gift God had given him. Samson is better remembered for the fact that his incredible strength was linked to his hair. It wasnít that his strength came from his hair, but rather the fact that God had instructed that a razor should never come upon his head (Judges 13:5).


   Samson grew in the ways of the Lord, instructed by his parents, so it came as quite a surprise to them when Samson began to show a rebellious side that went against the rules that God had set for his life. Samson had developed a prideful spirit and frequently abused the gift of strength God had given him. Samson became known for his violent acts of revenge on those who wronged him, and many sought to kill him in return. He fell in love with the wrong women who were never faithful to him and betrayed him to the point of ruin. A well-known part of Samsonís story is when, upon her utter persistence, Samson told Delilah the secret of his strength, and she proceeded to have his hair removed, resulting in the loss of his strength. Samson had taken his gift lightly and the Lord had allowed him to lose it.


   God has given each of us a gift, a talent to be used for His glory. To some the Lord gifted leadership skills, and to others a merciful spirit. Some have the gift of administration, and others have the strength to guide the weak. When we abuse those gifts, take them lightly, or simply refuse to use those gifts for the Lord, we risk losing the blessings that might otherwise be received from having those gifts. Samson learned this lesson the hard way, and the loss of his gift was his destruction. In Samsonís lowest moment he cried out to the Lord. God, in His mercy, returned his gift in his weakest state and allowed Samson to glorify Him with his strength once more.


   Our gifts are dependent on our relationship with the Lord. He can use us in any moment of our lives as long as we seek to bring him glory first!


Suggested Prayer:

Dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with gifts that can bring glory to you. Help me to look for opportunities to use my gifts in ways that will honor you. In Jesusí name, Amen.


  1. Judges 13:24.


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