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Being Successful

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."1

"David Levenson has written a book titled, The Seasons of a Man's Life. In examination of the factors that contribute to the development, growth, and success of people, he discovered three primary factors that seem to be essential to success. The first is a great vision; a driving dream that moves and motivates you to do something [worthwhile] with your life. Those who give themselves to the fulfillment of something worthwhile experience a great sense of accomplishment.

"The second thing common to the successful people he studied was that they had each found a teacher who could instruct and help them along the way. Not only do we need a vision, we need some folks who have had visions before us, who can walk beside us and point the way.

"There was another commonality among these successful people. They each had a deeply personal and significant relationship with at least one other person, someone who would support them in accomplishing their dreams. These were the folks who would walk with them through the difficult times, even when it seemed as though the dream would never come true. In short, they had a friend."2

We don't have to be famous to be successful ... all we need is a vision, a good teacher, and a faithful, supporting friend. To this I would add that our vision needs to be in harmony with and a vital part of our God-given life purpose.

Suggested prayer: "Dear God, please help me to know what my God-given life purpose is and a realistic goal to work towards fulfilling that purpose. Give me a clear vision of what you want me to be and do, a good teacher to show me how to do it, and at least one trusted and faithful friend to support and encourage me. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus' name, amen."

1. Proverbs 29:18 (KJV).
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