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Be Humble before God: Miriam

ďHumble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.Ē1

Miriam was the brave sister of Moses and Aaron, the brothers who led the Israelites out of slavery and away from Egypt. But Miriam herself played a significant role in a few different incidents described in her brothersí story. As a young girl, we knew her as Mosesí big sister and protector. Miriam followed closely when their mother hid Moses in a basket and sent him floating down the river to save his life.  As an adult, we meet Miriam the prophetess and worship leader. She was present when God granted the Hebrew slaves their freedom from Pharaoh, and she led them in song of praise to God as they crossed the Red Sea on dry land.  Later in her life, we see Miriam as an unhappy and jealous woman who challenged her brotherís leadership role. She criticized his choice in taking an Ethiopian wife which opened the door to prejudice, but her greatest issue was that she was not happy with the role and gifts God had given her. Although Miriam and her brother Aaron were considered leaders among the people, Miriam was not OK with the fact that Moses was given the most attention. She wanted to be considered Mosesí equal and not subordinate to him. Her discontent and prideful spirit began to rub off on Aaron and soon the pair were in constant odds with Moses. Their attitudes became disruptive as they tried to undermine Mosesí authority (Numbers 12:4-8). God called them out and made it clear to them that His will was for Moses to be leader and that they had ministries of their own to lead. So, when Miriam continued to challenge Moses, she sparked Godís anger toward her, and she was struck with leprosy. This was a devastating illness for Miriam for she had to be isolated and put away from the people; unable to participate, and much less, lead worship.

Miriam is quite an example for us as Christians, and especially those of us who serve in various ministries. Although she had been obedient to Godís call and served whole-heartedly, she was not above human err. Her pride got in the way and allowed jealousy to set in; both attitudes that God does not tolerate, for they have no place in a Christians heart and walk with God. She had to suffer the consequences for her actions in a most humiliating way, but God did not leave her, he simply had to teach her a lesson. He had mercy on her and restored her after a few days. I am sure Miriam kept a lid on her complaining after that!

God desires to use us for His glory, donít let discontentment and pride get in the way of His plan and purpose for your life. Allow God to use you to your full potential.

Suggested Prayer:

Dear God, Thank you for your mercy and grace. Thank you that you are loving and call me out on attitudes that hinder me from serving you wholly. Allow me to seek your will and be content with the call and gifts you have given me. In Jesusí name, Amen.

  1. James 4:10 (KJV).

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