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Using our Success for God’s Glory: Lydia

“And when she was baptized, along with her household, she pleaded with us, saying, ‘If you have judged me and decided that I am faithful to the Lord [a true believer], come to my house and stay.’ And she persuaded us.1

Lydia was a businesswoman, an entrepreneur. She was knowledgeable and skillful in her craft. Her business was successful and profitable (Acts 16:14). She owned, and was the head of, her own home. It is likely that she owned slaves who worked under her (Acts 16:15). She was respected and was considered a prominent citizen in her community. But, more than this, she was a faithful follower of Christ.

Paul and Silas met Lydia by the riverbank in the middle of a woman’s prayer meeting (Acts 16:13). It could have been that she was leading the meeting for she was the only woman named. However, she was immediately open to the words of these missionaries and she and her household were all baptized. She then opened her home for them to stay as long as they needed to. Later, her home served as the church for the believers in Phillipi.

Lydia didn’t allow her successful status to keep her from being a humble servant of the Lord, and when opportunity presented itself, she was eager to give of what she had to help build the Lord’s ministry. Lydia is an example to both women and men today who make their work and successes a priority ahead of their relationship with the Lord. Lydia is briefly mentioned in Scripture, but the lesson the Lord wants us to learn from this strong and competent person is great. If God is gracious enough to bless us with success, then we can, in turn, use that success to glorify God and further His kingdom. Let us, like Lydia, be judged “Faithful to the Lord”!

Suggested Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, what a powerful lesson we can learn from Lydia. She loved you first and you made her great in your kingdom and among men. Give me the desire to use the gifts you’ve given me to honor you. Allow me to be found faithful to you! In Jesus’ loving name, Amen.

  1. Acts 16:15 (Amplified Bible - AMP).


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