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Get Ready!

“Therefore, be alert, because you don’t know either the day or the hour.”1

Earlier this week, I awoke to a “tweet” on my phone announcing an earthquake prediction; a 7.5 was to hit Los Angeles before the end of the day! Living in California, it is common to hear of, and even feel these tremors. For many years, we have heard predictions about “The Big One”; an earthquake that will cause widespread devastation. And so, we have taken measures to prepare for earthquakes. As children, in school, we were taught to “duck and cover”. As adults we’ve been encouraged to design an evacuation plan with the whole family in case of such an emergency. Some homes even have “Emergency Kits” ready and on hand for such events. But many of us find that we are not as prepared as we would like to be. We mean to be prepared; we have a mental plan, and we may even buy “supplies” when we think of it. But for the most part, we put it off because, “it probably won’t happen today. As we all know, however, “When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.” (Steven Cyros).

As Christians, we are preparing for an even bigger event, the coming of our Lord! The Bibles’ warning is quite clear: "Be Alert”! No man can know the day or the hour. Just like we don’t know when the next earthquake will strike, we cannot know when the Lord will return for his own. All we know is that we must be alert. We must be prepared, albeit not with water bottles and first aid kits. The preparedness required for Christ’s coming is for us to believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin, to ask for and receive His forgiveness for our sins, and ultimately accept Him as the one true God and Savior of our life. Once we have this assurance, our priority should be making sure we spread the Word. Preparing our family and friends has never been more important!  An earthquake may bring disaster to our earthly home, but our heavenly home remains secure.

Take the time to prepare for natural emergencies, gather your supplies, and plan with your family. But, most importantly, prepare your hearts for the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and “BE ALERT! Because you don’t know the day or the hour.” It’s time to Get Ready!


Suggested Prayer:

Heavenly Father, predictions of your “Second Coming” being near are as common as the predictions of the next earthquake. Yet, the devastation left behind by the “Big One”, will shy in comparison to the devastation felt from actually being left behind when you return for your children. I want to be prepared. I want my family, friends and even those I don’t know, to be prepared. Today, I open my heart and receive you as my Savior, believing that you died for me, so that I might have the assurance of spending an eternity with you in Heaven. Please, forgive me of all my sin. Give me the courage to help prepare others for your coming. Help me to be ready! In Jesus’ loving name, Amen.


  1. Matthew 25:13 (CSB)

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