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About Faith: For Inspiration and Spiritual Growth

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Marvels of Creation
How to Be Sure You're a Real Christian
How God Taught Me to Give
The Antichrist Is Coming
Finding Peace in the Presence of Pain
The Joy of Being Thankful
Warning Notice Ignored at Yosemite
Heaven: What Will It Be Like and Who Will Be There
Hell: What Will It Be Like and Who Will Be There?
Marvels of Creation
Heaven Is Beautiful
Church Attendance Can Prolong Life
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
The Eighth Wonder of the World
The People God Uses
Can the Future Be Accurately Predicted?
Are Angels Real?
The Gospel: God's Good News
The Gift of Life
The Power of One
Abandoned and Forgotten
Angels of Light
A Call to Discipleship
Reaching Upwards
Seeing Beyond Tragedy
God's Words of Love
Love in Action
Belief in God Is Not Enough
Passport for Heaven ... Don't Leave Earth Without It
How to Pray Effectively
Good Morning God ... A Morning Prayer
Love Never Fails
The World's Greatest Treasure
The Passion and Agony of the Cross
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
God's Invitation
Do Good People Go to Heaven?
Hope for the Terminally Ill
Voice in the Night
Winning Over Worry
The Search for Happiness

Daily Encounter Articles About Faith
Do It Now
"Hug" One Another
10,000 Steps
A 'Yes' Face
A Call to Discipleship
A Chance to Change the World
A Dad Like Jesus
A Giving Heart
A God Moment
A God Thing
A Good Dad
A Happy Heart
A Lesson From Ben Hur
A Man After God’s Own Heart – David
A Man Named John
A Moment of Prayer
A New Man
A Persistent Duck
A Pesonal Note from Dickand Joy Innes
A Powerful Prayer
A Prayer to Transform Your Life
A Religious War . . . Reminder
A Reminder About Healing
A Sermon Walking
A Sermon Walking
A Special People Power Message
A Sure_Fire Prayer for When All Else Fails
A Timeless Legacy
A Unique Way to Pray
A Wartime Prayer
A Way Out
About Abortion
According to Your Faith
Aching Arms
Actions Speak Louder than Words
Active Trust
ACTS "Andrew Club"
Adam: The First Father
Adapting to God’s Plan
After the Rapture, What?
After the Cross
Aiding the Enemy
Almost Persuaded
Am I enough?
Amazing Love
An Answer to Suffering
An Attitude of Gratitude
And Jesus Stood Still
Angel in the Marble
Angels Unaware
Angels Unaware
Angels Unawares
Apathy—But Who Cares?
Apathy: The Silent Killer Among Us
Apollos Watered
Are Christians Narrow-Minded Absolutists?
Are Non-Biblical Terms Valid?
Are Our Days on Earth Numbered?
Are We at the Finish Line Yet?
Are We There Yet?
Are You God's Mother?
Are You God's Wife?
Are You Jesus?
Ask the Blind Man—He Saw It All
At His Feet - Part 1
At His Feet – Part 2
Attitude Check—No Blooper
Attitude of Service
Authentic Evangelism
Authentic Spirituality
Away With Christianity! Crucify It!
Bad Company
Bad Company
Be Careful Where You Walk
Be Fearless
Be Good
Be Mindful and Remember
Be on Your Guard
Be Prepared
Be Prepared
Be Still
Be the Change
Beautiful Feet
Beautiful Messes: Jonah
Beautiful Messes: Martha
Beautiful Messes: Naomi
Beautiful Messes: Peter
Beautiful Messes: Rahab
Beautiful Messes: Sapphira
Beautiful Messes: Sarah
Beautiful Messes: The Blind Man
Beautiful Messes: You and I
Beautiful Music
Because I “Do” So
Behind the Scenes Blessing
Being a Christian
Being Vs. Doing - Witnessing
Believing a Lie
Believing Is Seeing
Believing Our Own Lies
Beloved Hymns: Blessed Assurance
Beloved Hymns: Count Your Blessings
Beloved Hymns: Little Is Much When God Is in It
Beloved Hymns: What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Benefits From Trials
Better the Devil You Know
Better with Age
Between the Trapezes
Between the Trapezes
Beware of CINOs
Beware of Fireflies
Biting the Hand That Feeds Us
Blessed are the Meek
Blessed are the Merciful
Blessed are the Peacemakers
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
Blessed are the Pure in Heart
Blessed are Those who are Persecuted for Righteousness Sake
Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
Blessed are Those Who Mourn
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn – Part 1
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn – Part 2
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn – Part 3
Blessings From Trees
Blessings in Disguise
Blessings of Unanswered Prayer
Blind Faith
Bring Your Buddy
Building Bridges of Love
Building for Eternity
Called to be Faithful
Cardboard Butterflies and Cultural Christians
Carpe Diem
Carry Your Cross
Casa de Bendición (House of Blessing)
Change of Heart
Change Under Pressure
Changed Into His Image
Child-Like Faith
Christ Living in Me
Christianity vs Churchianity
Christianity Vs. Religion
Christians Beware—Hate Crimes May Silence Us
Christians: “The Most…” – Part 1
Christians: “The Most…” – Part 2
Christians: “The Most…” – Part 3
Christians: “The Most…” – Part 4
Church: To Be or Not to Be
Coca-Cola's Worldwide Vision
Code Red
Come Unto Me
Coming Ready or Not
Communicating Christ
Confession as a Game
Conquered From Within
Conquering What?
Coping with Suffering
Cordless Jump Rope
Counterfeit Christians
Courageous Trust
Creative Solutions
Cultivating a Grateful Heart
Cushion of the Sea
Danger of Setting Dates for Christ's Return
Daniel: Prayer Warrior
Dark Night of the Soul
David - A Man After God's Own Heart
Deborah: An Example of Godly Leadership
Dedicating Our Children to the Lord
Delay, Not Denial
Delight in God
Deliverance from Fear
Desperately Seeking Jesus
Developing a Spirit of Discernment
Devious Devilish Devices
Diamonds in the Rough
Did I Make a Difference—Did You?
Did You Spot the Gorilla?
Diffusing Love
Disappointment His Appointment
Discovering God's Will for Your Life
Discovering the Will of God for Your Life
Divine Encounter
Divine Healing, Part I
Divine Healing, Part II
Do It Now
Do Not Worry
Does God Care?
Does Jesus Care?
Don't Forget to Pray
Don't Forget to Pray
Don't Give Up
Don't Quit
Don't Tell Me... Show Me
Don't Tread on Me
Don't Waste Your Pain—Invest It
Drawing Closer to God with Confidence
Drip . . . Drip . . . Drip
Educated or Enlightened?
Effective Communication
Elijah’s Legacy
Embracing Life’s Seasons
Emergency Airplane Landing
Enlightened or Endarkened
Even If
Evolution or Intelligent Design
Eye on Sparrows
Facing the Giant
Facts Versus Feelings
Failure Is Never Final
Failure Turned Inside Out
Failure: Never Final
Faith of a Father
Faith or Presumption
Faith Versus Presumption
Faith Vs. Fear
Faith vs. Presumption
Faith Without Action
Faith Without Works
Faithful till the End
Fathers Needed
Fear Not
Fear Not
Finding Direction
Finding Hope in God’s Word
Finish well
Fishing in the Bathtub
Flack Attacks
Flee, Follow, Fight
Flying Through the Flack
Flying Through the Flack
Follow the Bubbles
Follow Your Bubbles
For Whom Are You Playing?
Forgiveness: The Power That Heals
Fox-Hole Promises
Freedom and Gratitude
Freedom and Gratitude
Freedom from Guilt, Part I
Freedom from Guilt, Part II
Freedom in Christ
From What We Are to What We Can Become
Genuine Worship
Get in the Game!
Get Ready!
Getting Back to Grace
Getting Rid of the Gunk
Give and Grow Rich
Give of Your Best
Givers and Takers
Giving From the Heart
Go Fish
God is Faithful to His Promises
God Moves In Mysterious Ways
God of Minorities
God of the Ordinary
God So Loved
God Uses F-A-T People
God's Appointments
God's Chosen
God's Discipline
God's Good News
God's Good News
God's Methods
God's Will — Our Hiding Place
Godly Example
God’s Perfect Plan
God’s Plans are Good Plans
God’s Tugboats
Good Intentions
Good Morning God
Goodbye 2019... Hello 2020
Grace Transforms Everything
Grace Transforms Everything
Great Significance
Great Treasure
Growing Strong in the Broken Places
Guilt Be Gone
Guilty Silence
Hands of Christ
Hands of Christ
Happy New Year—Begin With the End in Mind
Happy Valentine's Day
He Carried MY Cross
He Keeps Me Singing
He's Not Heavy—He's My Brother
Healing Beyond the Test Tube Part I
Healing Beyond the Test Tube Part II
Healing Beyond the Test Tube Part III
Healing Beyond the Test Tube Part IV
Healing the Whole Person
Health Laws
Healthy Doubts
Healthy Doubts and Questioning
Heaven Is Beautiful
Help Lord, Help!
Hidden Treasure
Hill Climbing
Hold Tight
Holy Motivation
Hornet Persuasion
How Are We Measuring Up
How Much Is a Miracle?
How Then Should We Work?
How to Be Filled with God's Holy Spirit Part 2
How to Be Filled with God's Spirit Part 1
How to Be Sure You Are Going to Heaven
How to Get God's Leading
How to Get Prayer Answered - Part I
How to Get Prayer Answered - Part II
How to Get Prayer Answered - Part III
How to Know If God Is Speaking to You
How to Know If Prayers Are Answered
How to Overflow with Thankfulness
How You Can Be an Effective Witness? Part V
How's Your Aim?
I Hate Witnessing, Part I
I Am a Friend of God
I Cast All My Cares Upon You
I Did It! I Did It!
I Don't Do Ceilings
I Hate Witnessing, Part II
I Needed the Quiet
I Respectfully Disagree With You
I Will Not Be Shaken
I'd Give My Life
I'm Just a Child ... But
Identifying False Prophets
If Jesus Came to Your House
If Jesus Came to Your House
Imitate Our Lord Jesus Christ
In Everything Give Thanks
In Our Footsteps
In Sorrow's Hour
Insignificant Goals
Instrument of Peace
Insufficient Funds
Is Atheism an Intellectual or a Moral Issue?
Is the Bible the Word of God? Part I
Is the Bible the Word of God? Part III
Is the Bible the Word of God? Part II
Is Tithing Still Valid Today?
Is Your Light On?
Israel: The Miracle
It's a God Thing
I’ll Clean It Now
Jesus Culture
Jesus is Enough
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus: Do You Know Him?
Joy in Sorrow
Joy in the Morning ... After the Mourning
Jump! I’ll Catch You!
Just Do It
Keep Giving
Keep on Planting!
Keep on Sowing Your Seed
Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
Keepers of the Earth
Killing off the Coyotes
Kindness Without Exception
Know These Truths
Known by Your Light
Learning from Eagles
Learning to Be Content
Learning to Pray the Right Prayer
Learning to Wait
Leaving a Legacy
Left Behind at God's Last Trumpet Call
Legacy of Faith
Leonardo De Vinci's Cup
Lessons from a Lizard
Lessons from Tiny Creatures
Let Nothing Steal Your Joy
Let Praise Arise!
Let the Church ...
Let The Dead Leaves Fall
Let the Nations Praise
Let us pray without ceasing
Let’s Be Real
Liberty or License?
Life Can Be Beautiful
Life Investment
Life Purpose
Life's Detours
Life's Disappointments
Life's Most Critical Preparation
Life's Most Important Choice
Light in the Darkness
Light the Fire
Like-Minded Friends
Listen Up
Little Foxes
Little Moments of Joy
Little Things
Little Things—Big Consequences
Living in Harmony with God's Will
Living in Harmony with Your "Bumper Sticker"
Living in the Present
Living Life Backwards
Living With a Challenge
Living With a “Time Bomb”
Living With C-A-N-C-E-R
Living with the End in Mind
Living Witnesses
Long Suffering Vs. Suffering Long
Look Where You're Going
Lord of All
Lord, Have Mercy
Lord, Make Me an Instrument
Love Always Hopes
Love For A Lifetime: A Story of Faithfulness
Love is Kind
Love Is Not Easily Angered
Love Is Not Proud
Love is Not Self Seeking
Love is Patient
Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs
Love Never Fails
Love Rejoices in the Truth
Love's Most Amazing Story - Part I
Love's Most Amazing Story - Part II
Love's Most Amazing Story - Part III
Loving from the Heart
Making God Proud
Man Overboard
Many Are Cold and a Few Are Frozen
Mary Magdalene: A Devoted Follower
Meekness Is Not Weakness
Mental Disharmony
Mindset Matters
Miners Rescued
Miracles Not Magic
Mirror Image
Missionary Ripples
Modern Day Miracle
Money: Servant or Master?
Moonlight Sonata
Moral Compass
More about Prayer
More About Flak
More Than Conquerors
Moses: A Friend of God
Mountaintop Experiences
My Daughter Is a Lesbian
My Friend the Atheist
Mysterious Ways of God
Name It and Claim It “Gospel”
Never Alone
Never Give Up
Never Missing a Wrong Note
Never too Old
Never Too Old
Never, Never, Never ... Give Up
New Hope
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Tips for Better Living
Nike! Nike! Victory! Victory!
No Defeat Before the Battle
No Fear! Yeah, Right!
No Harsh North Winds
No More Excuses
No Need To Fear
No One to Speak for Me
No Record
No Task Too Small
No to the Ten Suggestions
Noah’s Obedience
None of These Diseases
Not Ashamed
Not Feeling Guilty When We Should: Guilt Part III
Not Just Words
Not What—But Who
Nurturing Our Faith
O Bee, Where Is Your Sting?
Obedience and Action
Observing the Obvious
Obsession With Confession
Oh, That Amazing Grace!
Old Habits Die Hard
On Being Heavenly Minded
On Being Politically or Biblically Correct
On Being Single-Minded
On Evolution
On Guard
On Guard
On Hurricanes and Cyclones
One Heart
Oops! My Mistake!
Opportunity Disguised
Our Best Friend
Our Record is Cleared
Overcoming Fear
P-A-T Decision Making
Pain: The Enricher of Life
Pain: The Great Motivator
Pain: The Ripple Effect
Patient Endurance
Patiently Growing
People Power Partners Welcome
People Power—A Mighty Force
Perception Vs Reality
Perfect Timing
Peter - The Rock
Planned Abandonment
Political Correctness Oxymoron
Pray Without Ceasing
Praying With Belief
Praying With Your Mind Set On Heaven
Preparation for Eternity
Problem Solving
Projection, Witnessing Part IV
Prophets or Propheteers?
Psychic or Prophetic Predictions
Pure Religion
Purpose in Suffering
Purposeful Prayer
Ready to Give a Defense
Reality Check
Recognizing a Lie
Reign of Terro—Reign of Lies
Reigns of Evil
Religion Vs. Relationships
Remember and Persevere
Remember Who You Are
Remembered by God
Repentance is Key
Resting in the Lord
Resurrection from Death
Reveille Call
Rewards of Persistence
Rising Above Discouragement
Roll Call in Heaven
Rooted in Christ
Rules vs. Relationships
Satan: Alive and Well
Scary Leap of Faith
Scary Leap of Faith
Scratch 'Em Where They Itch
Seasonal Fruit
Seasons Change
Second Chances
Seeds and Soil
Seeing Is Believing—or Is It?
Seize the Day
September Eleven’s Clash of Civilizations
Servant Authority
Serving Others with Humility
Set Apart
Sharing God’s Story
Sheep of God's Pasture
Shiphrah & Puah: Unlikely Heroes
Shipwreck From Within
Shooting the Saints
Show Me--Don't Tell Me
Show Them the Way
Signs of the Times
Sink or Swim!
Soar with the Eagles
Soldier of the Cross
Spiritual Distancing
Stand by Me
Stand Up and Be Counted
Standing by the Stuff
Stepping out of One's Comfort Zone
Still the Best Policy
Strength out of Weakness
Struggling to Believe
Sunk in a Sink Hole
Super Bowl Sunday
Swallowing Camels
Sweet Release
Swimming Against the Tide
Taking the First Step
Talking Donkey
Temptation's Lure
Test the Spirits
Test the Spirits
Thanking God for Others
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving: Daniel
Thanksgiving: Job
Thanksgiving: The Example of an Outsider
The Fool-ishness of Atheism
The Rapture Is Coming
The "Angel" Within
The Accepted Time
The Baffling Call of God
The Big Question
The Cross of Christ
The Cup
The Death of Death
The Declining U.S.A. Church
The Desires of Our Heart
The Devil’s Future
The Enemy Surrounds Us: Don't Let One Escape
The Enemy Surrounds Us—Don't Let One Escape
The Faithfulness That Gives Rise to the Miracle
The Fate of Flight 232
The Fruit of Discipline
The Gagging of God
The Gift of an Untroubled Mind
The Green-Eyed Monster
The Healing Power of Confession
The Healing Power of Hope
The Hiding Place
The Impact of One Faithful Witness
The Impact of One Faithful Witness
The Impact of Unity
The Importance of Quiet Time
The Light of the World Is
The Lighthouse
The Love of Friends
The Need for Precaution
The One Who Lifts My Head High
The Only Way Out Is Through
The Open Door
The Order of the Iron Cross
The Persecuted Church Part 2
The Persecuted Church Part I
The Person God Uses
The Person God Uses
The Pilot Who Ignored the Warning
The Positive Side of No
The Power of a Single Flame
The Power of Faith
The Power of God's Word
The Power of Imaging - Part I
The Power of Imaging, Part II
The Power of Imaging, Part III
The Power of Little Things
The Power of Music
The Power of One
The Power of One
The Power of One
The Power of Prayer
The Price of Freedom
The Purpose of Life
The Race
The Real Thing
The Ripple Effect
The Rise and Fall of Democracies—a Reminder
The Rise and Fall of the West
The Safest Road to Hell
The Scorpion and the Frog
The Secret of Being Content
The Sense of a Supreme Being
The Sheep With a Broken leg
The Shepherd's Call
The Shepherd's Voice
The Significance of the Teacher
The Sin of Silence
The Stages of Faith
The Trials in Our Lives
The Warrior is a Child
The Weight of a Prayer
The Whale—Gratitude
The Will to Get Well
The World's Greatest Treasure
The Worst of Sinners
Theological Rigidity
This Lady Drove Me Nuts
This Little Light of Mine
Thorns of Purpose
Tigers in the Dark
Time to Exercise!
Times of Testing
Title: No Ifs, Buts, or Maybes … God's Imperative
To Confess or Not to Confess
To Judge or Not to Judge
To Know and Not to Do
To Know and Not to Do
To the Ends of the Earth
To Tithe or Not to Tithe
To Whom Did Jesus Come?
Too Ugly to Be Beautiful
Toothbrush “Theology”
Tormented by Demonic Power
Tragedy Into Triumph
Trees: An Unprecedented Blessing
Trials and Temptations
True Humility
True Riches
Trust God but Keep Your Powder Dry
Trusting God Is a Choice
Trusting in Trials
Turning Pebbles Into Pearls
Under the Fig Tree
Understanding God's Will
Unexpected Strangers
United in Remembrance
Unrelenting Love and Commitment
Unshakeable Faith
Urgent National Need
Urgent National Need
Use It or Lose It
Used for God’s Purpose
Using Our Gifts to Serve Others
Using Your Gifts in the New Year
Vivid Warning Signs Ignored
Voice in the Dark
Voice in the Night
Voting Responsibly
Waiting Patiently
Waiting Patiently
Walking in Humility
Walking Where Paul Walked, Part I
Walking Where Paul Walked, Part II
Walking Witnesses
Warning! Danger Ahead
Watch out for Phonies
Watchman: A Solemn Warning
Water of Life
We Are Family
We Are New Creatures In Christ
We Do Have Choices
Welcome Home
Welcoming Others Home
What a Good Church Can Do for You, Part I
What a Good Church Can Do for You, Part II
What a Good Church Can Do for You, Part III
What Can I Even Begin to Do?
What Christianity Did for Women
What Happens When We Die?
What If There Is a Heaven? Part I
What If There Is a Heaven? Part II
What If There Is a Heaven? Part III
What Is Sin Anyhow?
What Is That in Your Hand?
What is that?
What Motives are Behind Our Prayer?
What You See
What You See Is …
What You See Is What You Get
What's in a Name?
When All Else Fails
When God Puts You on the Shelf
When In Is the Way Out
When My Child Was Lost
When Prayer Falls on Deaf Ears
When the Devil Knocks on My Door
When the Helper Needs Help
When to Cut and Run
When You Don't Know What to Do
When Your Prayers Don't Get Answered
Where Are the Nine?
Where Are the Nine?
Where Was God?
Where's the Scent?
Who Do You Believe?
Who Will Answer?
Who Will You Follow?
Who's Running the World Anyway?
Whom Do You Trust?
Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
Why do I exist?
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
Why Temptation Is Like Ice Cream
Will God Ever Reject Me?
Will I Make a Difference?
Will Jesus Christ Come Again?
Winning Losers
Winning over Temptation
With Fear and Trembling
Witnessing Made Simple
Words Without Meaning
Working Together
Working While We Wait
Worse Than Abortion?
You Are Who He Says You Are
You Can't Run on Empty
You Can't Take Me, I'm Dead.
You, too, Can Impact Your World
Your Key is Still in the Ignition
You’re Not Home Yet
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