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Let Praise Arise!

“Around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening.”1


For the last twenty years, at least, I have made it a habit to play worship music anytime I get in my car. I used to commute to work every day, so filling my soul with worship was essential in keeping my attitude positive and kind in all circumstances because when you are praising God, it is really hard for negative thoughts to sneak in! As my children have grown, they too have gotten in the habit of listening to worship when we are driving. They will be the ones to put our favorite worship playlist on, even without me saying a word. On good days and hard days, we drive along, lifting our voices in praise, and I can’t help but think of all the amazing things God has planned in all of it.

The other day, a song came on and I immediately got captured by the lyrics:

“Let praise be a weapon that silences the enemy

Let praise be a weapon that conquers all anxiety

Let it rise, let praise arise

We’ll see You break down every wall

We’ll watch the giants fall

Fear cannot survive when we praise You

The God of breakthrough’s on our side

Forever we lift Him high

With all creation cry, God, we praise You”2


I often think of the apostle Paul and all the challenges he faced. In today’s verse we see him sitting with Silas in prison, after being severely beaten. In order to keep them from escaping, the jailer had put them in the inner dungeon and clamped their feet in the stocks. Things didn’t look too promising, but even then they lifted their voices in prayer and praise to the Lord. Then, all of a sudden, there was a massive earthquake that shook the entire prison, and all the doors flew open! The jailer, thinking that all had escaped, was about to kill himself when Paul stopped him. That jailer came to know Christ as his Savior that night. God can do amazing things when we choose to praise and lift Him high in all circumstances, and it is in the darkest times when our praise should ring the loudest!

Suggested prayer: Dear God, You alone are worthy of my praise. You are always good, and Your plans are good. Give me a heart of worship and help me be an example of faith and praise to others, so that they too will come to know You. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.

1.    Acts 16:25 (NLT).

2.    “We Praise You” by Brandon Lake. Revival’s in the Air, 2020.


Today’s Encounter was written by: Crystal B.

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