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Passport for Heaven ... Don't Leave Earth Without It

Passport for Heaven ... Don't Leave Earth Without it


read how, in the spring of 1981, a young man was flown into  desolate northern Alaska to photograph the natural beauty and mysteries of the tundra. He took along 500 rolls of film, several firearms, and 1,400 pounds of provisions....

As the months passed, the words in his diary changed from wonder and fascination into a nightmare.

In August he wrote, "I think I should have used more foresight about arranging my departure. I'll soon find out."

In November he died in a nameless valley, by a nameless lake, 225 miles northeast of Fairbanks. An investigation revealed that though he had carefully planned his trip, he had made no provision to be flown out.

Difficult to imagine isn't it? How could anyone be so foolish. He made every provision for his journey except how to get home! Unbelievable!

Time ...
We enter it at birth,
We pass through it in life,
We exit it at death.
It is our preparation ...
for eternity.

"How tragic," we say. And yet, how many of us make every provision for life here on earth but no preparation for our departure? God has warned us in his Word, the Bible, that there is life after death ... after which is God's judgment. And as he warned the nation of Israel to prepare to meet God1 he warns us to do the same. We need to do this today. After death it is too late. As God's Word also says, "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment."2

And how do we prepare to meet God? By confessing our sins to God and accepting his Son, Jesus, as our personal Lord and Savior. Doing this is getting your "passport to Eternity in Heaven."

Whatever you do, don't leave earth without it! To help you do this click on the "God's Invitation" link below:

1. Amos 4:12.
2. Hebrews 9:27

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