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Noahís Obedience

ďAnd Noah did all that the Lord commanded him.Ē1


One of the first Bible stories we learn as children is Noah and the Ark. The classic story of the man who built a very large boat and loaded in two of every animal in the world. It then proceeded to rain for forty days and forty nights, flooding the entire earth and destroying all of mankind, save for Noah and his family.  In the end, a beautiful rainbow beamed in the sky as a promise that God would never flood the entire earth again. This is the story that became so familiar to us growing up. But Noahís life and example goes far beyond a beloved childrenís story; Scripture teaches us many valuable lessons that we can glean from Noahís life.


Noah was first and foremost obedient to Godís command. In a time when people had become so sinful that manís disobedience had grieved Godís heart to the point of regret (Gen. 6:5-6), God came to the last man who still feared Him. Noah had been faithful to God and understood Godís sorrow when He told Noah that he was going to destroy what he had created and begin again. Noah didnít need to understand Godís reasoning, nor His actions, he only needed to trust that God was in control. When Noah began to build the Ark in a place where there was no water, he was criticized. People were unkind and laughed; surely, they thought he was crazy. But Noah held fast and remained obedient, even though he probably wondered about Godís plan himself.


God had promised Noah that he would protect his family from this impending destruction, and He did! Sometimes obeying God means believing and doing things that the world wonít understand, but God is faithful and keeps His promises; He will honor our obedience to Him.

If, as a believer, you trust Godís Word to be true, then the account in Genesis concerning the Flood should serve as a wakeup call for all Christians. Our world has, again, become so sinful and manís disobedience to God has once again grieved Godís heart. How long will it be before God regrets His creation again? Will God find you faithful? Will we hold fast and keep obeying even though the world laughs? We believe in a God who is merciful and loves us enough to send us warnings and instructions to protect us!


Suggested prayer:


Dear God, thank you for your mercy. You are a gracious and loving God. We have seen the warnings and we have received your instructions, help us to listen! I want to be found faithful. Give me the courage to share your love with others, even if they laugh. In Jesusí name, Amen.


  1. Genesis 7:5.


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