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Insufficient Funds

“The payment for sin is death. But God gives us the free gift of life forever in Christ Jesus our Lord.”1

Overdrawn. In the Red. Insufficient Funds. The dreaded trio of financial phrases. With the holidays over and the realization that we ‘probably went over our spending limit’ sets in, we fear seeing these words on our next purchase. Praying that there are enough funds to cover a purchase or bill can make us feel stressed and the worry of a financial deficit can steal our joy quicker than most other problems. The merriment that came with Christmas, and the gladness that came with gift-giving can quickly become a faint memory.

Whether our bank account grows or lessens is dependent on what we deposit and what we withdrawal, but there is one account that isn’t dependent upon our finances at all! The account of our salvation. An account that was covered with the most precious currency of all: the blood of Jesus. We opened a spiritual account the day we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. However, we came to Him with insufficient funds, for we lacked the amount needed to cover the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus, being the sinless lamb, went to the cross and shed His blood to cover the sins of everyone in the world – He paid it ALL!

Moments before Jesus died, He lifted His voice and cried out, “It is finished!” (John 19:30). In Greek, those words translated are one word: “Tetelestai!”, but it had another meaning back then. It was an accounting term. When a bill was paid, it was commonly stamped with the word “Tetelestai,” meaning Paid in Full. This means that our spiritual account will forever be covered, and our debt will forever be forgiven. I, alone, could not afford the price of my sin, for it was death; but Jesus has paid it in full!

As we begin a New Year, be filled with joy, and go forth with the realization that your sin debt has been paid in full. No more worrying if our debt will be covered. Jesus has sufficient funds for all who come to Him!

Suggested Prayer:

Father God, thank you for sending your Son to die on the cross and shed His blood in payment for my sin. Where my funds were insufficient, His were more than enough, for through them I now have eternal life through Him! In Jesus most precious name, Amen.


  1. Romans 6:23 (NCV).

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