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Remembered by God

“Then God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and enabled her to conceive.”1

Although she was beautiful, the blessing of being lovely did not prevent Rachel from having problems. She is a woman who struggled with many issues and emotions. Since the beginning of her marriage, her life was anything but easy. She and her husband, Jacob, fell in love “at first sight”, however, Rachel’s father tricked Jacob by sending in her sister, Leah, on the wedding night! When Rachel finally gets to be with Jacob, she discovers she struggles with infertility. She was childless, while she watched her sister, Leah, bearing children for Jacob (just one more reason Rachel was envious of her sister). A woman’s value at that time was connected to her ability to conceive, so one can imagine the heartache Rachel was feeling. In her anger and frustration, she blames Jacob for her infertility saying, “Give me children, or I’ll die!” (Genesis 30:1-2). If you are married, you know that your spouse typically does not respond well to demands, and Jacob was no different. He became angry and reminds her that God is in charge of blessing a marriage with children.

Rachel most likely felt forgotten and like an outsider at times, but there is One who never forgets. God remembered Rachel, and when Scripture says God “remembers” someone, it means that He is going to intervene. He blesses her with two sons, and while this is what she had longed for, she died giving birth to her second son and was not able to watch her sons grow. However, God used her offspring to be part of a bigger plan. Rachel made mistakes, tried to take matters into her own hands, was jealous, angry, and bitter… but God had compassion on her.

In the uncomfortable situations – in the saddest days – God remembers His people and listens. His intervention and actions may not be what we expected or what we are asking for, but He is sovereign. Our life, like Rachel’s, may not always turn out how we hoped, but that doesn’t mean that we are forgotten or abandoned. God listens and can use even the hardest moments for his glory.

Suggested prayer: Dear God, we can make big messes in our lives sometimes! We complicate things and dig ourselves into holes we can’t seem to get out of. Even when I am so deep in my pain or struggles and can’t see anything else, You see me. You listen. You remember me. In your great compassion, you redeem, forgive, and bring forth your will. Thank you that your perfect plans are not altered by my feelings or lack of trust in You. Help me draw near to you in every situation, knowing that your love for me never changes. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  1. Genesis 30:22 (NIV).


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