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Trust God but Keep Your Powder Dry

"For nothing is impossible with God."1

D. K., in responding to a Daily Encounter in which I said that we need to be realistic and not underestimate what God can do through us, responded by saying, "The Bible reveals that nothing is impossible with God. If he chooses to do through us things that are far beyond our imagination or faith, he is sovereign and can do those things. So don't you mean, 'let's not underestimate what God WILL do through us?'"

D. K. continues, "But, of course, I understand your point and in this regard I have used an illustration from my years of working in the Great Sahara Desert in North Africa. There are about a half-dozen types of sand there and each affects the driving of a vehicle differently. Power steering is necessary, especially on the larger trucks. If we spot an area of soft sand ahead and need to change the direction of the truck to avoid getting stuck, we can turn the steering wheel with one finger.

"However, it isn't the power of our finger that changes the direction we are going, but rather it is the power steering. And yet we can't sit back in the seat of the cab and expect the power steering in and of itself to move the big wheels in the right direction. We need to put forth our hand and grab the wheel and turn it. Similarly, with our lives, we can't change the direction we are going (even if we see the dangers ahead) by sitting back and expecting God's 'power steering' to alter our course. We must reach out and grab the wheel and turn! But it's God's power that alters the course."

Good point. Of this we can be certain, whenever we fulfill our responsibility and do our part, God will always do his part. Or as George Washington once said to his soldiers who were about the cross the Potomac River, "Trust God but keep your powder [rifles] dry."

Suggested prayer: "Dear God, thank you for your Holy Spirit which empowers me to live my life in harmony with your will. Help me always to depend on your power and not try to live for or serve you in my own strength. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully in Jesus' name, amen."

1. Luke 1:37 (NIV).


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