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"It is God himself, in his mercy, who has given us this wonderful work [of telling his Good News to others], and so we never give up" (2 Corinthians 4:1, TLB).

December 2016

Christmas Greetings

Dear Friend of ACTS,

"Joy to the world! the Lord is come / Let earth receive her King / Let every heart prepare him room / And heaven and nature sing / And heaven and nature sing / And heaven, and heaven, and nature sing."

This carol was written by Isaac Watts in celebration of the First Coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, born as a babe in Bethlehem at the first Christmas 2,000 years ago.

Jesus Christ, laying aside his external robes of deity, came to earth to identify with lost mankind to give his life to die in our place on the excruciatingly painful cross at Calvary some 33 years later. He gave his life to pay the penalty for your sins and mine—the penalty of death—so that we could be freely forgiven of all our sins by God and be granted the gift of eternal life. This was the greatest Christmas gift ever given—given by God for all mankind. All we need to do is to receive God's gift of forgiveness and eternal life.

Christ's first coming is an indisputable fact of history. The GREAT news is that Jesus Christ is coming again. When he was here on earth, he promised he would return.1 On his return to Heaven, two angles of God also promised that Jesus would return for his Second coming.2

Only God knows the exact timing of Christ's return, but the Bible has given us signs so we can know the nearness of his return, and so that we can be absolutely certain we are ready for that day—and many of these signs appear to be all standing up at once today!

But untill then let us work together—with God's help—to do everything we possibly can to reach as many people as we possibly can with the saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ—the only hope for our sin-sick world.

Click HERE for simple, effective, and non-offensive ways to reach friends and contacts for Christ and, and in so doing, be an effective witness for Jesus.

This year has been another very encouraging year of outreach for ACTS Int. Daily Encounter now has 400,000+ worldwide subscribers. And, best of all, almost every day of this past year commitment to Jesus Christ decision responses have been received from over 100 countries.

Know that your friendship is greatly appreciated. We would also appreciate your prayer support that God will provide all our needs to keep the dynamic outreach ministries of ACTS on track every month throughout all of 2017.

If you would recommend Daily Encounter to your friends, this, too, would be very much appreciated. To do this simply go to and click on the EMAIL button near the top of the page.

Wishing you a most joyous and blessed Christmas Season,

Richard (Dick) and Joy Innes
ACTS International

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