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I Hate Witnessing – Audio

A guide for effective Christian Communications

About the audio
CD available
Cassette available
Book available
About Dick Innes

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Listen to MP3


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Click  here for more information about Dick Innes Audio: Listen to this informative mini-seminar by Dick Innes, Founder and Director of ACTS International. It shares principles that govern how to effectively communicate the gospel (or any other message). It will stretch and challenge your thoughts on witnessing and will enable the average Christian to share his/her faith without fear by using the gifts and talents he/she has.

I Hate Witnessing audio is a condensed version of Dick's seminar based on the book with the same title. It is obviously a tongue-in-cheek title and shares the latest principles for the effective communication of any message in general and the Christian message in particular. It is shared in an easy to understand manner and is sprinkled with humor.

It is especially applicable for people who don't have the gift of personal or confrontational evangelism but would like to be an effective witness for Christ—but are afraid to witness in the traditional manner as many of us have been taught. One of the keys is to pray every day and tell God that you're afraid but are available for him to use, and to help you to be as Christ in some way to every life you touch. Another key is to use the gifts God has given you, not the one/s he hasn't given you.

The book, I Hate Witnessing, now it it's "umpteenth" printing has been studied in numerous churches and a number of colleges for courses in evangelism.

We are confident that you will appreciate this liberating and freeing message.

Click on one of the following links for the audio:

I Hate Witnessing Audio
  Click to listen:

Part I (35 minutes)

Part II (35 minutes)
Or, download and take it with you:

Part I (mp3)  (35 mins | 8.22mb)
Part II (mp3) (35 mins | 8.15mb)
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CD available

This mini-seminar presentation by Dick is available on both a CD and cassette tape. Click HERE for more information and to purchase.

Cassette available
Click HERE for more information and to purchase.



Book available
I Hate Witnessing (A Handbook for Effective Christian Communications). 

NEW Updated Edition ... includes a chapter on the effective use of e-Mail, the Internet and the electronic media for Christian communications.

This best seller with the tongue-in-cheek title has over 100,000 copies in print. Defining proven principles of communication, it shows how to effectively communicate the gospel and any other message of importance.

I Hate Witnessing has been studied in several thousand churches and has been used as a text book and/or as supplementary reading in a number of colleges. Originally published by Regal Books, it is now published by ACTS Communications.


Pastor Ernie Cox of Ontario, Canada, said I've just finished reading I Hate Witnessing and have to say that it is the best thing I've ever read on communicating the gospel."

Pastor Sol Hicks of Albany, Georgia, said, "Your book, I Hate Witnessing, was great—the most genuine thing on personal evangelism in printed form."

The Chimes, Biola University, "The book that perhaps 95 percent of the Christian community has been waiting for is finally here."

Click HERE for more information and to purchase.


Dick Innes is the Founder and Director of ACTS International (A Christian Teaching Service) whose purpose is to help the church bridge the gap to the non-church community. Dick grew up in Australia and has lived in Southern California for the past two decades. Click HERE for more detailed information.
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