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Special Words from the Heart for Valentine's Day
(February 14) and Special Occasions ...
Poems by Dick Innes, author of Daily Encounter.
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Love Poems for Valentine's Day

Forever Friend

In the course of life’s journey
we rub shoulders with many people,
Some are warm and open,
others afraid and closed.
Some we connect with,
others come and soon are gone.
Some linger awhile.
But every now and then...
either through fate or by chance
or because of a Higher Power...
In an unexpected moment
we are touched by a smile
that lingers in the memory.
We meet again and the more
we do the more we know
that we have met a friend
and we'll be friends forever.
Next to God
there is no greater gift in life
than a forever-friend.
I hope that we can be such friends.

* * * * * * *


Whether by
strange coincidence
or divine guidance
in the course of our life
we cross paths with
many people.

Some move towards us,
others move away.
Some we choose to remember,
others to forget.

But with a special few
we seem to have no choice,
for each has made an impact
on the other, and their
memory will live on forever.

These people we call friends.
You, to me, are such a one.

* * * * * * *

Garden of My Heart

If every thought
I had of you
was a rose and
every rose a word,
I would keep
picking endless roses
from the garden
of my heart
And speak them
all to you.

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