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About Dick Innes's Books

"A friend forwarded a copy of two of your Daily Encounter e-mails and they pierced right through me. Your message is so on target to all that I have been dealing with and I know that God will be there for me as I open up to the root of the issue and as you stated so wonderfully to grow from the inside out.  Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing the Word of our GOD so beautifully!" – MP

"Thank you for your faithfulness day in and day out. My church in Beirut, Lebanon is blessed every Sunday morning with one of your Encounter valued readings."

"Thanks a lot for the ACTS web and email ministry. They're doing a great job in helping to build our faith and daily keeping us focused on God. I have incorporated part of your Encounter messages in my Christian study teachings in church and have seen God changing peoples lives and calling more to commit their life to Him. My church is situated in a slum in Kisumu, Kenya."

"Every week when you send out the Weekend Encounter, I copy and send it to those I work with in a large IT Team. They are enjoying it thoroughly. Some have come to me, even our Director, to say how it is relevant and encouraging. We all speak English so there is no need for translation."

Daily Encounter sent to Christopher Reeve's wife. A.G. wrote, "I sent a copy of your Daily Encounter about 'The Lighthouse' to Dana Reeve, Christopher Reeve's wife. I read Christopher's book, Still Me, in which he said that he loved lighthouses. When I read today's Daily Encounter, it jumped out at me so I sent a copy to his widow." (Do pray that Dana will accept Jesus as her Savior.)

Another subscriber wrote: "I prepare a monthly bulletin for a Council of the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic men's group), and would like to include one Daily Encounter in each issue."

K.S. writes, "Thank you so much for your many wonderful insights. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading them in your Daily Encounter each day."

J.B. shares, "I find your Daily and Weekend Encounter emails are a huge help for me to keep Jesus and God in my life and in my thoughts. Between my work emails and the stress of the office I find the Encounter emails a great refreshment for the spirit, and it feels great to know there are thousands of others who feel the same."

"You have brought tremendous joy and insight into my life. It seems that when I have a difficulty in my life, you have a devotional that answers my questions. I am not a new Christian as I have celebrated my salvation for over 50 years, but each year I find new questions that I need to know as I study God's word. Thanks a million." – C.M., New York


Books by Dick Innes

Books by Dick Innes, Founder of ACTS International

You Can't Fly With a Broken Wing

"I began reading Dick's book, You Can't Fly With A Broken Wing, this morning and have almost completed it. I gave one copy to one sister and a copy of How to Mend a Broken Heart to another sister. I also ordered one Broken Heart Book for a church member. Needless to say, Dick's writings have helped me to overcome much grief and hurt from abuse, divorce and death of children. The Lord has been drawing me to places of healing and deliverance for several years now and I hope I can help some of my six siblings and many friends and people that cross my path as I have been blessed." – L.S., Texas

A lady in Australia wrote, "I ordered you new book, You Can't Fly With a Broken Wing … and gave my copy away and am ordering two more. This is the most helpful book I have read for 30 years!"

Another reader wrote, "I can't tell you how meaningful your chapter, 'The Magic Number,' was for me. I found it very freeing regarding a relationshp that had been broken for 15 years!"

How to Mend a Broken Heart

Andrea Fabry of "Midday Connections" said on the Moody Radio Network (WMBI Chicago), How to Mend a Broken Heart is the best book on resolving loss and grief that I have ever read."

Joan from Kansas wrote: I have just recently read the book How To Mend A Broken Heart. I lost my husband 18 months ago and there are no support groups in this area. This book has done more for me and has helped me more than any of the other books that I have read or even in the professional counseling that I have experienced.  And excellent job of writing. I certainly will be recommending the book to everyone I meet that has suffered the lost of a spouse. Thank you so much.

A retired veterinary surgeon, former lecturer at the Royal Veterinarian College of London and at Cambridge, wrote: "I have gone through two divorces and have just read your book, How to Mend a Broken Heart. It is the most helpful counseling I have ever read."

I Hate Witnessing

I Hate Witnessing has been studied in several thousand churches and is used as a text book and/or as supplementary reading in a number of colleges. Originally published by Regal Books, it is now published by ACTS Communications.

Pastor Ernie Cox of Ontario, Canada, said I've just finished reading I Hate Witnessing and have to say that it is the best thing I've ever read on communicating the gospel."

Pastor Sol Hicks of Albany, Georgia, said, "Your book, I Hate Witnessing, was great—the most genuine thing on personal evangelism in printed form."

"The book that perhaps 95 percent of the Christian community has been waiting for is finally here." The Chimes, Biola University

Click HERE to read more about Dick's books and to order.
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