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Recovery: Healing the Wounds that Bind us
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Thank God for Second Chances
Is God Good—Is God Fair?
Forgiveness: The Power That Heals
The Road to Recovery
Developing a Healthy Self-Image
Resolving Conflict Creatively (How to Fight Fair)
Living Again After Divorce
Conquering Fear
Winning Over Worry
Taming Your Anger
Overcoming Loneliness
Healing Life's Hurts
Healing the Wounded Heart
Grief and Loss Recovery
My Parents My God
Overcoming Damaged Emotions
Overcoming Depression
Overcoming Codependency
Overcoming Drug Dependency
Lady of the Night
Healing a Man's Father Wound
Getting in Touch With Your Feelings
Hope Springs Eternal
Understanding Eating Disorders
Healing from Post-Abortion Syndrome
Daily Encounter Articles About the Healing of Persons
"Give Me" Prayers
A Compulsive Need to Rescue
A Faithful Follower
A Good Name
Acting Out
Adultery: Caught in the Act Part II
Adultery: Caught in the Act Part I
Affliction to Give Advice
Alarming Irresponsibility
An Answer for Loneliness
Anger and Forgiveness
Anger Pegs
Another Serenity Prayer
Another Serenity Prayer
Antidote to Worry
Approval Versus Affirmation
Are Mentally Ill Folk Demon Possessed?
As Sick As Our Secrets
Ashes into Art
Be Angry--Sin Not
Be Angry—Sin Not
Beautiful Messes: Zacchaeus
Because We Are What We Are
Beloved Hymns: Amazing Grace
Beloved Hymns: Just as I Am
Born to Fly
Boundaries and Codependency, Part I
Boundaries and Codependency, Part II
Boundaries and Codependency, Part III
Boundaries: What Part of NO Don't You Understand?
Broken and Beautiful
Challenging Fear
Christianizing or Spiritualizing Complexes
Codependent on God
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance
Confessing Other's Sins
Confessing the Right Sin
Confessing the Wrong Sin
Confessing the Wrong Sin
Confession as a Game
Conviction Vs. Compulsion
Correcting One's Course
Deadly Disease of Denial
Developing a Healthy Self-Concept, Part I
Developing a Healthy Self-Concept, Part II
Developing a Healthy Self-Concept, Part III
Developing a Healthy Self-Image
Digging Up the Past
Do You Want to Be Healed?
Do You Want to Be Healed?
Do You Want to Be Made Well?
Do You Want to Be Made Whole?
Don't Let Your Past Dictate Your Future
Emotional "Constipation"
Envy: A Poison of the Soul
Everything is Okay... or is it?
Everything will be Alright
Excuses, Excuses
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
Facing Backward to Go Forward
Failure Is Only An Event
Faith or Fake Healers
False Fears
Family Communications
Fat Airplane
Fathers Are a Critical Need
Fear Vs. Love
Feeling Loved and Accepted
Finding Grace in Suffering
Finding One's Wings
Finding Rest
For Those Who Mourn
Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation
Forgiveness: The Power That Heals
Forgiving Yourself
Freedom from Guilt and Shame
Fully Living ... Fully Loving
Fully Living—Fully Loving Part II
Fully Living—Fully Loving Part I
Fully Living—Fully Loving Part I
God Has The Last Word
God's Goal Is Not to Make us Good
God's Goal Isn't to Make Us Good
Good Guilt—Bad guilt
Grieving Our Losses
Guilt Be Gone
Guilt Throwers and Guilt Catchers
Guilty or Not Guilty
Hammer Theology
Happy Father's Day
Healing a Man's Father-Wound
Healing Life's Hurts
Healing Life's Hurts Part I
Healing Life's Hurts Part II
Healing Life's Hurts Part III
Healing of Damaged Emotions
Healing Shame That Binds
Healthy Boundaries
Hot Buttons
How to Forgive Abusive Parents?
How to Forgive When You Can’t
How to Honor Your Parents
How's Your Self-Concept?
I Have a Problem
I Think God Hates Me
In the Broken Places
Is God Punishing Me?
Is Psychology of the Devil?
Lady of the Night, Part I
Lady of the Night, Part II
Lady of the Night, Part III
Laugh It Up
Learning to Love
Letting Go
Letting Go
Letting Go of the Past
Living in a Boomerang World
Living With an Alcoholic
Living With an Alcoholic
Living with an Alcoholic Spouse
Lord, Please Change My…
Lost in Wonder, Love and Awe
Made Free in Christ
More About Denial
No Condemnation
No Hiding
No More Hiding
No Pain, No Gain
Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes
Obnoxious Effluvium
Obsession With Confession
Oh God, Kill the Spider
Old Bombs
Old Relics—New Threats
On Boulders and Knapsacks
On Sawdust and Planks
Opening the Door to Healing
Overcoming Addictions Part II
Overcoming Addictions Part III
Overcoming Addictions ... Please Help Me
Overcoming Addictions Part I
Overcoming Addictive Behaviors
Overcoming Alcoholism
Overcoming Depression - Part I
Overcoming Depression - Part II
Overcoming Depression - Part III
Overcoming False Guilt
Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Jealousy
Overcoming Lust
Overcoming Lust
Overcoming Resentment
Overcoming the Curse of Perfectionism
Planned Abandonment
Pornography and Sexual Addiction
Praying the Right Prayer
Predestination vs. Free Will
Reconciliation or Tough Love
Resolution of Forgiveness
Resolution or Repetition
Resolution or Repetition
Resolving Conflict Creatively, Part I
Resolving Impaired Relationships
Restore My Soul
Rewarding Irresponsible Behavior
Second Chances
Selective Attention
Should I Marry an Angry Man?
Smother Mothers
Spoiled Rotten
Starting the Year in Freedom
Sticks and Stones
Superman Who?
Sweet Temptation
Taking Pleasure in Our Weakness
Talk Is Cheap
Taming Your Anger - Part I
Taming Your Anger - Part II
Taming Your Anger - Part III
Thanks from the Belly of the Fish
The "Demon" of Lust?
The Beautiful Ugly Duckling
The Blame Game
The Bottom Line
The Choice is Ours
The Donkey With Green Glasses
The Empty Promise of Promiscuity
The Fruit of a Deeper Root
The Gift of an Untroubled Mind
The Healing Power of Hope
The Healing Power of Touch
The Joy of Forgiveness
The Law of the Garbage Truck
The Lies We Tell Ourselves
The Lost Chord
The Opposite of Bad Isn’t Good
The Opposite of Love
The Path to Personal Freedom
The Power of Influence
The Problem Is “Never” the Problem
The Thing I Fear
The Tyranny of the Urgent
The Will to Get Well
Think and Grow Peaceful
Time to Refresh
Trapped in a Pile of Mud
Trust, Part I
Trust, Part II
Truth Decay
Turn off the TV
Victimology vs Personal Responsibility
Wants vs. Wishes
Well, Well, Well
What Are You Still Carrying?
What I See Is Who I Am
What We Project
What You Think of Me ...
Whatever Bothers Me
Whatever Bothers Me...
What’s Your Story?
When All Else Fails
When God Becomes a Drug
When Life Gets You Down
When Life Is a Relational Mess
When the Problem Isn't the Problem
When Tragedy Strikes
When You Can't Forgive Yourself ... Part I
When You Can't Forgive Yourself ... Part II
When You're Feeling Down
Winning Over Worry
Wishes vs. Wants
Wonderful or Wonder-empty
Yes, Sometimes I Am
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